Dec, 2022
Feeling Safe and Secure: Analysis of the Chico Police Department's School Resource Program Through the Teachers' Experience
Naval Postgraduate School (U.S.); Naval Postgraduate School (U.S.). Center for Homeland Defense and Security
Williams, Michael S. (Mike)
From the thesis: "This thesis examines perceptions of the Chico Police Department's (CPD) School Resource Officer (SRO) Program through the lens of middle school and high school teachers in the rural Chico Unified School District (CUSD) and explores the program's role in preparing teachers to respond to school violence and teachers' perceptions of school violence and the program's efficacy in reducing violence on campus. This thesis presents a qualitative, thematic analysis of semi-structured interviews with teachers at CUSD high schools and middle schools. The interviews revealed that teachers' perceptions of violence on campus ebb and flow with the national narrative and affect their feelings of physical and psychological safety and, sometimes, the view that violence on campus is inevitable. Thus, the presence of an SRO improves their perspective of safety, provides opportunities to mentor students, and serves as a conduit for information sharing. Even though teachers' overall perception of SROs is positive, teachers cited a lack of visibility, deficient communication, incompetence, laziness, and a lack of transparency as concerns. These themes from the teachers' interviews led to the following recommendations for the CPD: include teachers in safety plans, clearly identify the roles and responsibilities of SROs, establish a consistent SRO presence on campus, conduct safety tabletop exercises, and develop a mentoring program for students."
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    Williams, Michael S. (Mike)
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    Naval Postgraduate School (U.S.)
    Naval Postgraduate School (U.S.). Center for Homeland Defense and Security
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    Dec, 2022
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    Public Domain
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    Cohort NCR2103/2104
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    School violence
    Schools--Safety measures
    Active Shooter
    Mass casualties
    Columbine High School Massacre (Littleton, Colorado : 1999)
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    Thesis (CHDS)
    Thesis (NPS)
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    School Violence

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