Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Health Emergency Preparedness Table-Top Exercise (TTX): Facilitators' Guide
World Health Organization
From the Overview: "The COVID-19 [Novel Coronavirus] Table-Top Exercise (TTX) is a simulation package which uses a progressive scenario together with series of scripted specific injects to enable participants to consider the potential impact of an outbreak in terms of existing plans, procedures and capacities. The aim of the TTX is to strengthen national levels of readiness against the virus through a series of facilitated group discussions. The TTX simulation package differs to other forms of functional/field-based Simulation in a number of ways: [1] It is not a test of a plan or other specific preparedness measures; stress testing is done through other forms of functional simulation exercises. [2] The key outcomes are aimed at identifying gaps and strengthening preparedness, rather than testing of preparedness measure: [3] There is greater flexibility with regards to time, numbers and profile of participants. [4] The TTX requires less time and resources to plan and implement than a functional or field-based exercise. Where feasible, the use of drills, a functional or field-based exercises could be considered as a follow-on activity to this TTX."

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