Border Security--2015, Hearing Before the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, United States Senate, One Hundred Fourteenth Congress, First Session, April 22, 2015, May 13, 2015, July 7, 2015, July 15, 2015, September 14, 2015, October 21, 2015, and November 23, 2015 [Volume 2 of 2]
United States. Government Publishing Office
This multi-day hearing on "Border Security--2015" was held before the U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. The following topics were focused on during the noted dates: "Securing the Border: Understanding Threats and Strategies for the Northern Border," April 22, 2015; "Securing the Border: Fencing, Infrastructure, and Technology Force Multipliers," May 13, 2015; "The 2014 Humanitarian Crisis at Our Border: A Review of the Government's Response to Unaccompanied Minors One Year Later," July 7, 2015; "Securing the Border: Understanding Threats and Strategies for the Maritime Border," July 15, 2015; "All Hands on Deck: Working Together to End the Trafficking and Abuse of Prescription Opioids, Heroin, and Fentanyl," September 14, 2015; "Ongoing Migration from Central America: An Examination of FY 2015 Apprehensions," October 21, 2015; and "America's Heroin Epidemic at the Border: Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement Efforts to Combat Illicit Narcotic Trafficking," November 23, 2015. Statements, letters, and materials submitted for the record (for the aforementioned dates) include those of the following: Michael J. Fisher, James C. Spero, John Wagner, David Rodriguez Richard S. Hartunian, Randolph D. Alles, Mark Borkowski, Ronald Vitiello, Anh Duong, Rebecca Gambler, Michael John Garcia, Juan P. Osuna, Mark H. Greenberg, Philip T. Miller, Joseph E. Langlois, Peter J. Brown, Randolph D. Alles, Peter T. Edge, Enoch "Nick"Willard, Doug Griffin, Heidi Moran, Michael P. Botticelli, R. Gil Kerlikowske, John "Jack" Riley, Kimberly M. Gianopoulos, Chris Cabrera Kevin Casas-Zamora, D.Phil., Peter D. Bell, Duncan Wood, Mark J. Seitz, Douglas A. Ducey, Frank Milstead, Bill Montgomery, Mark J. Dannels, Dawn Mertz, Brandon Judd, and Jeff Taylor.
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    United States. Government Publishing Office
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    S. Hrg. 114-516; Senate Hearing 114-516
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    Undocumented immigrants
    Emigration and immigration law
    Transnational crime
    Border security
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    Congressional hearings and testimony

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