Responsible Communication of Life Sciences Research with Dual Use Potential: A Set of Communication Tools Excerpted from the NSABB's Proposed Framework for the Oversight of Dual Use Life Sciences Research
National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity (U.S.)
"One of the major charges to the NSABB [National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity] is to recommend strategies to help ensure that research information with dual use potential is communicated responsibly, in a manner that addresses both biosecurity concerns and the need for open sharing of research results and technologies so that the research can be validated and used for further research. Toward this end, the NSABB developed a set of tools to facilitate consistent decisionmaking about the responsible communication of research information with dual use potential. These tools consist of: 1) A set of principles for the responsible communication of research with dual use potential 2) Points to consider for identifying and assessing the risks and benefits of communicating research information with dual use potential, including options for the communication of such research information 3) Considerations for the development of a communication plan for research with dual use potential."
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    National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity (U.S.)
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    National Institutes of Health (U.S.). Office of Biotechnology Activities:
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    Public health

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