Mar, 2007
Limitations of Standoff Firepower-Based Operations: On Standoff Warfare, Maneuver, and Decision
USAF Institute for National Security Studies
Tira, Ron
This document takes a critical look at dramatic changes in the Israel Defense Forces and other Western militaries regarding force structure and force utilization concepts, based on a preference for standoff precision firepower over classic maneuver. Using the Second Lebanon War as a primary case study, the monograph examines some of the limitations inherent in standoff fire capability and argues that by itself it is generally incapable of bringing the enemy to strategic collapse. Ron Tira contends that given Israel's security reality, it seems there is no replacing the tactical battlefield that includes maneuvering and conquering territory.
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    Tira, Ron
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    USAF Institute for National Security Studies
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    INSS Memorandum No. 89
  • Date
    Mar, 2007
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    Institute for National Security Studies
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    Institute for National Security Studies:
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    Military/War and warfare

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