Beyond the Task Force CONOPS: The Path to a Capabilities-Based Modernization Framework for the Air Force
Air University (U.S.). Air War College
Planeaux, James B.
"The Air Force must now cope with pressures and 'boundary conditions' imposed by DoD's transformation priorities, joint architectures and interoperability policy, spiral acquisition policy, and some directed reorganizations. In order to manage these and leverage them favorably, the Air Force must resolve difficult issues involving stovepipes, misalignment, and lack of accountability in current processes and organizations, and shortcomings in the quality and completeness of information available for planning and decision-making. The paper suggests several alternative approaches for resolving these issues, and assesses them systematically against issue-driven criteria. The results point to a 'composite alternative' (drawing best features from the candidates) as the ideal course of action for building an effective modernization framework. The recommended framework emphasizes better architectural definition of Task Force concepts, the need to manage program portfolios in an integrated manner, the importance of aggressive concept innovation within broad strategic guidelines, and the need for a pervasive and common assessment mechanism to facilitate horizontal and vertical integration across both Air Force and joint processes. These enhancements could be critical enablers for developing agile, adaptable, and networked capabilities needed to succeed against tomorrow's increasing security challenges."

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