25 Feb, 1985
Combat Search and Rescue Procedures
United States. Department of the Army
The objective of Search and Rescue (SAR) as described in the National Search and Rescue Manual is to aid persons and property in distress. This objective reaches the pinnacle of importance in its application to combat SAR (CSAR). The hazards of the wartime environment dictate that CSAR forces must be specifically equipped, trained, and organized for the wartime mission. This regulation prescribes combat search and rescue procedures approved by the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Citing HSDL Resources

Documents from the HSDL collection cannot automatically be added to citation managers (e.g. Refworks, Endnotes, etc). This HSDL abstract page contains some of the pieces you may need when citing a resource, such as the author, publisher and date information. We highly recommend you always refer to the resource itself as the most accurate source of information when citing. Here are some sources that can help with formatting citations (particularly for government documents).

Worldcat: http://www.worldcat.org/

Indiana University Guide: Citing U.S. Government Publications: http://libraries.iub.edu/guide-citing-us-government-publications
Clear examples for citing specific types of government publications in a variety of formats. It does not address citing according to specific style guides.

Naval Postgraduate School: Dudley Knox Library. Citing Styles: http://libguides.nps.edu/citation
Specific examples for citing government publications according to APA and Chicago style guides. Click on the link for your preferred style then navigate to the specific type of government publication.

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