Exercise Global Mercury: Post Exercise Report
United States. Department of State
"Exercise GLOBAL MERCURY was a command-post exercise involving the GHSAG nations plus the World Health Organization and the European Commission. Conducted over a 56-hour period between 8 and 10 September 2003, the exercise aimed to evaluate the communications protocols between and among GHSAG members in the face of an outbreak of an infectious disease. The scenario for Exercise GLOBAL MERCURY (which was designed to be biologically plausible) depicted an attack using fictitious self-inoculated terrorists to spread smallpox internationally to target countries. The exercise was designed to elicit public health interventions rather than a full counter-terrorism response. The scenario was designed to introduce 'live' cases of smallpox into some countries and contacts into others to develop the whole range of possible national responses. A comprehensive 'script' supported by exercise injects generated player responses to exercise events."

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