Mar, 2001
Guide to Understanding the National Coordinating Center for Telecommunications and the Network Security Information Exchanges
National Communications System (U.S.)
The purpose of this document is to serve as a single, accessible document that provides background information about the NCC, its ISAC function, and the NSIEs, and describes their relationships. To fully understand the NCC and the NSIEs, it is necessary to understand the relationships each entity has with the NSTAC and the OMNCS. Although having the same general objective (i.e., ensuring adequate NS/EP telecommunications services) the NCC and the NSIE have different, but complementary, characteristics in terms of focus, time frame, skill sets, products, and value. Provided in this document is a table that summarizes the key features of the NCC, its ISAC function, and the NSIEs, as well as background information, and conclusions.

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