A Different Kind of Infektion

Typewriter with paper coming out of the top with Fake News typewritten on itGraphika‘s latest report, Secondary Infektion, is named after a sophisticated Russian disinformation operation that specializes in drumming up discord between Russia and their perceived enemies and critics.

The organization’s negative effects span dozens of countries, in seven different languages, and across more than 300 web-based platforms. While the ramifications are many, the group has a relatively small content focus, which Graphika has condensed into the following themes:

  • Ukraine as a failed state or unreliable partner
  • The United States and NATO as aggressive and interfering in other countries
  • Europe as weak and divided
  • Critics of the Russian government as morally corrupt, alcoholic, or otherwise mentally unstable
  • Muslims as aggressive invaders
  • The Russian government as the victim of Western hypocrisy or plots
  • Western elections as rigged and candidates who criticized the Kremlin as unelectable
  • Turkey as an aggressive and destabilizing state
  • World sporting bodies and competitions as unfair, unprofessional, and Russophobic

The Graphika team admits that while their investigation has been successful in fleshing out the works of Secondary Infekction and causing them to (seemingly) retreat, identifying the individual(s) behind the organization remains the top priority.

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