7th Anniversary of the 2005 London Bombings

Aftermath of London bombings

On the morning of July 7th, 2005, four suicide bombers attacked London’s transportation system. Three bombs went off at 8:50 a.m. on underground trains, and a final explosion occurred approximately one hour later on a double-decker bus. The individuals responsible killed 52 people in the attacks, and injured more than 700.

The four suicide bombers were soon identified as Hasib Mir Hussain, Shehzhad Tanweer, Mohammad Sidique Khan, and Germaine Lindsay. Hussain, Tanweer, and Khan were all born in England and of Pakistani descent. Lindsay had been born in Jamaica, but moved to England at the age of five. These attacks were the first suicide bombings in England, and this horrific event demonstrated the threat of homegrown terrorism.

Seven years after the bombings took the lives of innocent people and shook London and the world, the homegrown terrorist threat remains. The HSDL has several documents for you to read regarding these attacks, as well as resources concerning homegrown terrorism. Click on the links below to access a few of these documents.

Interagency Coordination: A Case Study of the 2005 London Train Bombings

Homegrown Terrorism: The Threat Within

Homegrown Terror: The United Kingdom as a Case Study

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