2022-2026 FEMA National Tribal Strategy

FEMA recently released its 2022-2026 FEMA National Tribal Strategy. This report outlines the efforts FEMA is taking to build and sustain relationships with federally recognized Tribal Nations. The Biden-Harris Administration has made it a priority to work more inclusively with Tribal Nations by enhancing emergency management services needed.

FEMA highlights three main goals of this Strategic Plan:

  • Instill Equity as a Foundation of Emergency Management
  • Lead the Whole of Community in Climate Resilience
  • Promote and Sustain a Ready FEMA and Prepared Nation

These goals address the increased frequency of disasters affecting tribal lands and drastically improve the quality and efficiency of disaster assistance. FEMA indicates that while many of these activities can be quickly realized, some will require continued effort to sustain through 2026.

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