2021 Update on Defense Support of Civil Authorities

The Air Land Sea Application (ALSA) Center released updated Multi-Service tactics, techniques, and procedures (MTTP) on Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA) detailing how military assets and personnel can be used to assist in missions normally carried out by civil authorities.

“There are critical differences among homeland defense operations, DSCA, and operations conducted outside the United States (US). Principally, these differences are the roles of civilian organizations; the relationship of military forces to local, territorial, state, tribal, or federal authorities; and the legal authorities under which military forces operate. For DSCA, US military personnel must understand the roles of civil authorities and their relationships to supporting military capabilities.”

This 2021 “publication for Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA) is a single source, reference guide for tactical-level units. It assists military planners, commanders, and individual Department of Defense (DOD) components employing military resources and integrating with National Guard forces while responding to domestic emergencies, in accordance with United States (US) law.” The published document supersedes guidance of the same name dated September 2015.

“ALSA is a multi-Service organization established by the doctrine centers to develop tactical-level solutions of multi-Service interoperability issues consistent with Joint and Service doctrine.”

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