President Trump Releases the 2020 Federal Mission Resilience Strategy

The White House has released the Federal Mission Resilience Strategy along with Executive Order 13961: Governance and Integration of Federal Mission Resilience.  The President of the United States recognizes the threat of “unforeseen events including natural disasters, pandemics, cyber threats, and kinetic or electromagnetic pulse attacks” and states that the Strategyaccelerates our collective efforts” to “preserve our constitutional form of government, under any and all conditions.”

Using the planning model of “Assess, Distribute, and Sustain,” the Strategy seeks to improve existing continuity policy with the following goals:

  • Continuity and risk management incorporated into all aspects of preparedness planning, operations, and day-to-day mission performance.
  • Routine and seamless transfer of Federal executive branch essential functions and services and decision support without the need to relocate personnel.
  • The ability to ensure uninterrupted decision making authority, continuously provide essential functions and services, and deliver uninterrupted decision support services to the President.
  • Established Federal executive branch fiscal policy that enables risk management decisions based on impacts to National Essential Functions.
  • Multiple geographically and technologically diverse communication nodes form a resilient mesh.

In closing, the President reassures that by “accomplishing these goals together, we can ensure the resilience of our constitutional form of government and our American way of life.”

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