2015 Global Forecast: Crisis and Opportunity

The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) released its annual Global Forecast report for 2015. The 2015 Global Forecast: Crisis and Opportunity publication, “…provid[es] analysis of the key issues that will determine the future trajectory of American power in 2015 and beyond.” This analysis evaluates possible crises and opportunities that could surface in 2015 by identifying them, discussing how to handle each possibility, and by reporting on the long-term effects identified scenarios may have on future U.S. administrations and international counterparts.

The 2015 Global Forecast report is divided into six parts with subdivisions of individual reports within each section. The six sections of crises and opportunities are outlined below. Highlighted reports of interest within each section are also included in this outline.

  • Part 1: What Role Will Deterrence Play in America’s National Security Strategy?

This section of the 2015 Global Forecast includes reports on Why Deterrence Failed to Prevent Syrian Use of WMD, Deterrence in the Cyber Age, The Challenge of Deterring ISIS and more.

  • Part 2: What Are the Implications of Putin’s New Russia?

Highlighted reports of Part 2 include Russia’s Influence on Europe, Ukraine’s Transition, and NATO’s Eastern Front among others.

  • Part 3: How Can the United States Best Exert Influence in Today’s Middle East?

Part 3 reports on the Middle East focus on The Need for Better Civil-Military Planning, The Challenge of Non-State Actors, Counterterrorism Success and Failings and more.

  • Part 4: Is the Rebalance to Asia Sustainable?

This section of the analysis includes Keeping Focus on Korea, Maintaining the U.S.-Japan Alliance, Recalibrating on China and other reports focused on Asian spheres of influence.

  • Part 5: Is a Competing Economic Order Emerging?

In Part 5, the following reports on global economics are included but not limited to: Strengthening the Existing Order, The Evolution of the Global Trading System, and Geopolitical Instability and Energy Markets.

  • Part 6: Will Ebola Evolve from a Health Crisis to an Economic and Governance Crisis?

This section of the analysis includes two reports: The Trajectory of Ebola and Our Response and The Economic Impact of the Ebola Outbreak.


For more information on CSIS’s Global Forecasts, check out the Global Forecast 2014: U.S. Security Policy at a Crossroads and the 2012 Global Forecast: Risk, Opportunity, and the Next Administration.



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