2012 Hate Crime Statistics–New Report

On April 23, 1990, Congress passed the Hate Crime Statistics Act, which required the Attorney General to collect data “about crimes that manifest evidence of prejudice based on race, religion, sexual orientation, or ethnicity.”  The FBI has published a Uniform Crime report on hate crimes every year since 1990.  The 2012 report on hate crimes was just released. 

The FBI reported that “the Uniform Crime Reporting Program collects data about both single-bias and multiple-bias hate crimes. For each offense type reported, law enforcement must indicate at least one bias motivation. A single-bias incident is defined as an incident in which one or more offense types are motivated by the same bias. A multiple-bias incident is defined as an incident in which more than one offense type occurs and at least two offense types are motivated by different biases.”  They found that in 2012,

  • 1,730 law enforcement agencies reported 5,796 hate crime incidents involving 6,718 offenses.
  • There were 5,790 single-bias incidents that involved 6,705 offenses, 7,151 victims, and 5,322 offenders.
  • The 6 multiple­-bias incidents reported in 2012 involved 13 offenses, 13 victims, and 9 offenders.

They further break down the information about hate crimes and report what percentage of the total hate crimes were due to racial bias, religious bias, sexual-orientation bias, ethnicity/nationality origin bias, disability bias, as well as by offense types and by crime category and victim types. 

The Homeland Security Digital Library has a comprehensive collection of Hate Crime Statistics documents from the FBI. For a complete list, click here.  

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