16th Edition of Global Risks Report Released

The World Economic Forum has released Global Risks Report 2021, the sixteenth edition of the Global Risks Report analysis which details the risks and consequences of increased inequality and societal fragmentation.  

Beginning with an assessment of the 2020 Global Risks Perception Survey results, the report finds that “among the highest likelihood risks of the next ten years are extreme weatherclimate action failure and human-led environmental damage; as well as digital power concentrationdigital inequality and cybersecurity failure.

Among the highest impact risks of the next decade, infectious diseases are in the top spot, followed by climate action failure and other environmental risks; as well as weapons of mass destructionlivelihood crisesdebt crises and [information technology] IT infrastructure breakdown.”

The report then analyzes a number of societal, economic and industrial divides which negatively impact cohesion and international cooperation before offering suggestions for increased resilience, drawing on lessons learned in global efforts to respond to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. 

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