The Naval Postgraduate School & The U.S. Department of Homeland Security

New TSA Report Identifying New Measures following the 2013 LAX Shooting

Active ShooterThe Transportation Security Administration released a new report based on the findings of the November 2013 LAX incident. The shooting involved the loss of Transportation Security Officer Gerardo I. Hernandez and injured 3 others. There are now new measures to enhance safety, as stated in the report, "These actions include: (1) mandating active shooter training and exercises for TSA employees and requiring bi-annual evacuation drills; (2) acquiring additional duress alarms to close existing gaps; (3) ensuring that all airports have explicit maximum response times; and (4) continuing to have an increased VIPR team presence at airports." 

For more information, you can view the TSA Press Release, and a Report by the Los Angeles World Airports.