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DoD DSB Report: Assessment of Nuclear Monitoring and Verification Technologies

DoD Logo The DoD Defense Science Board (DSB) released this month a new report entitled, "Assessment of Nuclear Monitoring and Verification Technologies." The report, created by the DSB Task Force on the Assessment of Nuclear Treaty Monitoring and Verification Technologies, remarks on the growing importance of "persistent surveillance" of global nuclear proliferation in the modern age in order to combat "an array of differing, creative and adaptive proliferators." The Task Force ultimately seeks to provide a comprehensive nuclear monitoring framework by building on existing tools and capabilities while also creating new approaches to traditional monitoring means.

In short, the five recommendations put forth by the Task Force for effective nuclear monitoring and verification are the following: 1. Cooperative regimes, international cooperation and transparency; 2. Unilateral measures; 3. Addressing the problem whole; 4. Improving the tools; and 5. National monitoring testing capability.

The Task Force acknowledges that its report is a broad review that could be more explicit in providing certain recommendations, but it maintains that this report is "both needed and timely." In its conclusion, the Task Force "admonishes leadership not to repeat shortcomings of the past" and insists that "simply doing better at what we already know how to do" is not a sufficient solution to the new problems posed by global proliferation.  

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