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CHDS Releases Two New "Viewpoints" Editions

NPS LogoOn December 20, 2013, the Center for Homeland Defense and Security (CHDS) welcomed Keith Holtermann and Peter Simpson, two prominent leaders in the field of homeland security, as guests on two new editions of "Viewpoints". These interviews are now available to view as part of the HSDL collection.

CHDS first welcomes Keith Holtermann, Director of the National Exercise Simulation Center (NESC). In this interview, Holtermann "identifies some of key changes that have occurred in the National Exercise Program (NEP) within the past decade. Most notably, he discusses their movement towards developing specific programs that best suit the needs of leaders on all levels. Holtermann also elaborates on the recent evolution of the National Training and Education Division (NTED) and their primary challenges, one being the proper distribution of education and exercise programs to communities of interest."

The second interview features Peter Simpson, a homeland security leader from the U.K. In this "Viewpoints" edition, Simpson "discusses the development of the National Inter-Agency Liason [sic] Officer program (NILO), which he founded in the mid-90s. This multi-agency training program aimed to provide a common ground for shared intelligence and the advancement of community risk reduction programs between varied groups of law enforcement. Simpson describes the advantages of this program, as well as its current standing in the global community."