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IFRC Releases World Disasters Report


The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) has published the 2013 "World Disasters Report: Focus on Technology and the Future of Humanitarian Action". As the reach of technology expands, its role in disaster planning, preparedness, and post-disaster recovery and transformation continues to develop. Although technology does present its own set of challenges, such as inequality of access, the potential that technology possesses cannot be ignored. Bekele Geleta, Secretary General of IFRC, comments that the "responsible use of technology in humanitarian action offers concrete ways to make assistance more effective and accountable, and to reduce vulnerability and strengthen resilience."

Not only does the report present the possibility for technology to increase effectiveness in early warning systems, but it also provides specific examples where technology has already played a significant role in disaster response. From commodity tracking in Syria to social media in the Philippines, the use of technology can be an essential tool.  If you are interested in reading the World Disaster Reports from previous years, please visit the HSDL's collection. also covered the release of the report, which you can read here.