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New Report: The Real Cost of Superstorm Sandy

US Strong has released a new report focusing on the real financial burden and effect of Superstorm Sandy. "Extreme Weather, Extreme Costs: The True Financial Impact of Superstorm Sandy on New Jersey Homeowners, Businesses and Municipalities" not only discusses the 'big picture' numbers for recovery, but it brings to the forefront those numbers that we don't hear about: "the fact pocketbooks are being emptied, hard-earned savings have been swallowed whole, homes have been lost, small business owners' dreams have crumbled and new debt has been incurred."

An interesting approach here is that all the video interviews are published alongside the report. While they are embedded in the document, you can also follow the link here. From State Senator Robert Singer to local business owners, the interviews provide insight into the long-term recovery needs of the area.

The greater point US Strong strives to make is that "Superstorm Sandy is not an anomaly." This report argues (as do several other that the HSDL has pointed to) that extreme weather is an increasingly dangerous trend, and certainly one which Congressional leaders should take seriously. As extreme weather events continue and increase in frequency, strengthening the fiscal resilience of Americans is more important than ever. It's no surprise that US Strong is at the front of a campaign for the creation of a federal fund specifically for extreme weather disasters, which talks about in their article