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Compare, Contrast, Constitute: New Program Provides Access to the World's Constitutions

Around the world, new constitutions are written, rewritten, modified, and ratified every year. When creating a national constitution, authors often look to other nations for examples. Now, thanks to Google Ideas, we have the Constitute Project, a global platform for individuals to read, search, and compare constitutions from around the world.

The clean interface of Constitute makes it easy to compare constitutions based on specific topics based on key words, such as "privacy", "equality", and more. Searches can be filtered by region, era, or even by country or specific dates.

Each country's constitution is downloadable via PDF or viewable via html. All documents are available in English. Constitutions that are in transition or consist of multiple documents are currently not available. The site hopes to host every constitution ever written since 1789.

Constitute was funded by Google Ideas, a Google project that hopes to use technology to enable research into new technology. Constitute has several other investors, including the Universities of Texans and Chicago and University College London. The use of data on Constitute is provided under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.