The Naval Postgraduate School & The U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Integrated Cargo Security Strategy

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Canada Border Services Agency have released the Integrated Cargo Security Strategy (ICSS), which is "aimed at identifying and resolving security concerns as early as possible in the supply chain or at the perimeter, with the expectation that this will allow us to reduce the level of these activities at the Canada-U.S. border."

It is recognized by both countries "that security and facilitation of trade are of equal importance and are both served by efficient border operations. Canada and the United States currently have similar approaches to border management and have made parallel investments in our respective programs that focus on addressing risk at the earlier point. Our perimeter security and economic competitiveness can be made stronger through a common strategy."

As a result, the strategy put forth by the two nations "sets out the vision, objectives and actions to address risks at the earliest opportunity by moving risk mitigation related activities away from the Canada-U.S. border. Together these activities are to significantly streamline the flow of trade crossing our common border while enhancing security."