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National Preparedness Month Blog: NCDP Preparedness Wizard

Columbia University's National Center for Disaster Preparedness (NCDP) now offers on its website an interactive training program on disaster preparedness called the "Preparedness Wizard: Personal Preparedness in Five Action Steps." Frequently compared to the format of the popular personal tax program TurboTax, this program walks users step-by-step through the NCDP's Action Steps for disaster preparedness. The five Action Steps are as follows:

Step 1: Know Your Risks

Step 2: Assure Food & Water

Step 3: Communicate and Plan

Step 4: Protect Your Family

Step 5: Engage with Community

The Preparedness Wizard offers an interactive page for each step, complete with audio instructions and a "workbook activity" which allows users to personalize and customize the information provided.

The program is designed to provide users with an "easy way to be prepared for all types of disasters and emergencies and help individuals and their families stay safe and independent during and after a disaster." It also provides answers to commonly asked questions on disaster preparedness and provides thinking prompts for users to more effectively address gaps in their own personal and professional preparedness planning.