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Four More Years: Recommendations and Insights into Obama’s Second Term

President Obama Official PortraitObama's first term ends on January 20 at noon, at which point, the President and Vice President will be sworn-in for a second term in a small ceremony at the White House. This event prompts many organizations to speculate on the next four years of the Obama Administration. Many organizations prefer to offer advice on how the President should proceed regarding a specific topic. Below you will find some recommendations for the President’s second term that pertain to homeland security related issues. The Center for Strategic and International Studies has released a series of reports with “Recommendations for a New Administration”. The series includes the following reports: Interests, Policies, and Challenges in the Americas; Move beyond the Drug Focus in the Andes; Be a Good Neighbor to the Caribbean; Weed and Lead with Canada; Building a Dynamic U.S.-Brazil Partnership; Prosperity through Rule of Law and Sound Economics; and Safeguarding Progress with Mexico. The Federation of American Scientists strategically released the report “Trimming Nuclear Excess: Options for Further Reductions of U.S. and Russian Nuclear Forces” before the beginning of President Obama’s second term “to guide him and his national security team as they make decisions about further nuclear arms reductions between the United States and Russia.” The Brookings Institute provides an interactive look at President Obama’s second term: “Big Bets and Black Swans: Foreign Policy Challenges for President Obama’s Second Term”. The ACLU see President Obama’s reelection as an opportunity to expand civil liberties. The ACLU is calling the President to “confront many issues that touch on our constitutional freedoms” in the report “A Civil Liberties Agenda to Move Forward”. Korea Institute for National Unification offers the report “Outlook on the Second-Term Obama Administration’s Policy Towards North Korea ”. The Woodrow Wilson Center’s Mexico Institute is shares the following analysis on the implications of the 2012 U.S. Presidential Elections for the U.S.-Mexico Relationship: "U.S.-Mexico Relations Under President Obama’s Second Term" The Heritage Foundation offers the President "A National Security 'To Do' List for President Obama's Second Term” The Council on Foreign relations presents a number of resources in the “Issue Guide: U.S. Presidential Transition ”. "Energy Policy in Obama’s Second Term " is the report from the Fraser Institute.