The Naval Postgraduate School & The U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Vision Documents Signed by Navy's Information Dominance and Cyber Leaders

US Navy Logo This week, officials of the U.S. Navy signed three documents outlining how the Navy will continue to maintain "Information Dominance," or superior "operational advantage," in decision making and warfighting through the integration of its technical "information functions, capabilities, and resources." Specifically, the three documents describe Information Dominance as a combination of three fundamental capabilities: assured command and control, battlespace awareness, and integrated fires. These documents, Navy Cyber Power 2020, Navy Information Dominance Corps Human Capital Strategy 2012-2017, and Navy Strategy for Achieving Information Dominance 2013-2017, will be utilized as a strategic plan for the Navy to fully recognize and adapt to the use of information as a weapon, cyberspace as a modern warfighting domain, and computer networks as a modern battlespace. The vision and goal of the Navy Cyber Power 2020 document is to "assure access to cyberspace and confident command and control, prevent strategic surprise in cyberspace, and maintain the ability to deliver decisive cyber effects." The Navy Information Dominance Corps Human Capital Strategy 2012-2017 document seeks to develop and sustain "a viable and responsive Information Dominance Corps through a commitment to workforce planning and management processes, delivery of a Corps-wide learning continuum, and cultivation of an Information Dominance culture and warrior ethos." Finally, the Navy Strategy for Achieving Information Dominance 2013-2017 document "provides the framework through which the Navy's information capabilities will be mainstreamed into the Navy's culture as a distinct warfighting discipline." U.S. Navy officials portend that these three documents will guide Navy Information Domination and "Cyber warriors" into the future and will ensure the Department's mastery of the information domain.