The Naval Postgraduate School & The U.S. Department of Homeland Security

American Competitiveness and National Security

flag.jpg A new report has been released by the American Security Project titled "American Competitiveness: A Matter of National Security." This report "provides public sector & private sector decision makers with a new way of thinking about how they can improve America's national security[.]" According to the report, a "country's medium to long-term competitiveness is defined by a nation's ability to lead globally on the strength of its actions and ideas, to support a vibrant free-market system, to nurture a responsive democratic political system and to uphold a social contract that honors economic and social progress for its citizens." The report cites six areas that impact America's economic competitiveness:
  • Business climate
  • Infrastructure
  • National debt
  • Labor market and immigration
  • Defense industrial base
  • Education and healthcare
"This paper will show how each of these elements influences America's national security, interacts with the other elements, and identifies possible solutions that can improve America's competitiveness."