The Naval Postgraduate School & The U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Is the Federal Government Misguided in Its Approach to Border Security?

US Mexico Border Map A new report by former Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard, entitled How to Fix a Broken Border: Disrupting Smuggling at Its Source, thinks that the Federal Government is misguided in its approach to border security. The report from the Immigration Policy Center thinks that border-enforcement resources are being wasted on efforts to stop 'what' is being smuggled across the border: people, drugs, guns and money. The report feels that time, money and attention needs to be focused on 'who' is doing the smuggling, namely, the transnational criminal organizations, or the "cartels" based in Mexico. Goddard states: "Going after the contraband product or smuggled people, as this country has been doing for years, is destined to be an endless chase. The cartels will just regroup and continue operations, learning from their mistakes. If we are serious about stopping the threat on the border, we have to dismantle the criminal organizations that carry the contraband and take away the tools that make them so effective. Anything less will fail."