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Beyond New START

Toward Deeper Reductions in U.S. and Russian Nuclear Weapons The Council on Foreign Relation's Center for Preventative Action has recently released this report discussing the continued need to reduce the American and Russian nuclear stockpiles. The author Micah Zenko suggests that the two nations build on the successes of April's New START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) and cut back their deployed nuclear weapons to 1,000. He explains that both nations would benefit from a new agreement, which would reduce the probability of a nuclear war or terrorist incident while also encouraging U.S.-Russian cooperation in other areas. Although he remains hopeful, Zenko points out three difficult issues that need to be addressed: "tactical nuclear weapons, missile defense, and conventional weapons on nuclear-capable delivery systems." The bulk of the document involves the author proposing potential solutions to these politically sensitive topics. Significantly, China and other nuclear powers are not included in any immediate talks, although he does call for eventual discussions that include all major nuclear powers.