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Hurricane Katrina: Five Years Later

The Institute for Southern Studies has released a new report on the five year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Learning from Katrina: Lessons from Five Years of Recovery and Renewal in the Gulf Coast set out to address three critical questions: “What has our nation learned in the five years since Katrina struck? What role has community action played in shaping the Katrina recovery? And today, in the wake of new disasters and challenges, what is needed to ensure full renewal for the Gulf Coast?” The report finds that many problems exposed in the federal response have yet to be addressed. According to a report from the Abandoned Buildings Outreach Team of UNITY of Greater New Orleans, there are 55,000 abandoned commercial and residential buildings in New Orleans. Search and Rescue Five Years Later: Saving People Still Trapped in Katrina’s Ruins is a detailed report of findings and recommendations of the Team’s “18 months of combing the city’s abandoned buildings in search of elderly and disabled survivors of Hurricane Katrina.” Building codes along the Gulf Coast today are inadequate according to a report from the Institute for Business & Home Safety. The report, Hurricane Katrina: Are We Better Prepared Five Years Later?, details the institute’s analysis of pre- and post-Katrina building codes in Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi. The American Red Cross has also released a report on its emergency response and hurricane recovery program. Bringing Help, Bringing Hope: The American Red Cross Response to Hurricane Katrina, Rita and Wilma describes how the Red Cross, assisted by $2.2 billion in donations, gave 1.4 million families emergency financial assistance which was 19 times more than the previous record. The report concludes with a section on lessons learned. CBS News has special coverage of Hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Katrina: Five Years Later provides a number of stories and videos, along with storm resources. Various reports were released last year, on Katrina’s four year anniversary, including: RAND Corporation: The Role of Nongovernmental Organizations in Long-Term Human Recovery after Disaster: Reflections from Louisiana Four Years after Hurricane Katrina Institute for Southern Studies: Grading the Katrina Recovery: How Gulf Coast Leaders Rate the President and Congress Four Years after the Storm