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Blueprint for Action to Counter DC Gang and Youth Violence

Responding to Gang, Crew and Youth Violence in the District of Columbia: A Blueprint for Action The Healthy Families/Thriving Communities Collaborative Council has recently published this blueprint for addressing gang and youth violence in the National Capital Region. "This Blueprint for Action was commissioned by Councilmember Jim Graham and the Council of the District of Columbia to provide a framework for developing a comprehensive, community-based strategy to prevent youth involvement in violence, particularly gang and crew activity, and address its root causes. The research and writing was completed by staff of the Healthy Families Thriving Communities Collaborative Council and informed by the input of community stakeholders, research contractors and consultants. Statement of the lead author Chapter 1 examines the state of youth violence in the District of Columbia, particularly the incidence of violent crimes committed by juveniles and the infiltration of gangs and crews into community life. The chapter also discusses broadly the impact of violence on young people. Chapter 2 explores a history of community responses to youth violence by highlighting significant reports and program initiatives over the last several decades. Chapter 3 offers a summative set of findings that follow from the first two chapters. Chapter 4 explores the complex causes of youth violence and relevant theories developed to explain them. Chapter 5 studies emerging state and local efforts to prevent youth violence throughout the country. Finally, Chapter 6 provides recommendations to the Council of the District of Columbia in support of its desire to bring a comprehensive approach to the District's efforts. Many primary and secondary data sources are integrated into this document."