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DNI Releases 100 Day Plan Follow Up Report

DNI McConnell unveils accomplishments of the first phase of his agenda to reform U.S. Intelligence Community and announces further plans. Mike McConnell, Director of National Intelligence, has released the results of the 100 Day Plan for Integration and Collaboration, a series of initiatives designed to build the foundation for increased cooperation and reform of the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC), and announced the next phase of reform efforts--a 500 Day Plan designed to sustain the momentum with an expanded set of initiatives and a greater level of participation. Unveiled in April, the 100 Day Plan focused on identifying and accelerating efforts to integrate activities of all intelligence agencies and their missions in a collaborative manner. This enables the IC to act as a unified enterprise, using all available national resources in a single, coordinated fashion. The 500 Day Plan focuses on the same key areas with an expanded set of initiatives building on efforts begun under the 100 Day Plan to deepen integration of the Community's people, processes, and technologies. A copy of the 100 Day Plan Follow-Up Report is available here: