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  • Uniform Approach to National Suicide Bomber Incident Response and Recovery
    Naval Postgraduate School (U.S.). Center for Homeland Defense and Security; Naval Postgraduate School (U.S.)
    Day, Dwayne
  • Assessing the Biological Threat Posed by Suicide Bombers
    Edgewood Chemical Biological Center
    Cabalo, Jerry Becker; Kesavan, Jana; Sickenberger, David . . .
  • Exploding Stereotypes: The Unexpected Operational and Demographic Characteristics of Boko Haram's Suicide Bombers
    Combating Terrorism Center (U.S.)
    Warner, Jason; Matfess, Hilary
  • Suicide Bombers in CONUS
    U.S. Army Command and General Staff College. School of Advanced Military Studies
    Kapusta, Philip E.
  • Information Operations Approach to Counter Suicide Bomber Recruiting
    Army War College (U.S.)
    Rabena, William S.
  • Suicide Bombers-Some Were Merely Children
    Army War College (U.S.). Strategic Studies Institute
    O'Neal-James, Lillian A.
  • Female Suicide Bombers
    Army War College (U.S.). Strategic Studies Institute
    Zedalis, Debra D.
  • Chechen Female Suicide Bombers: The New Face of Terrorism in Moscow
    United States. Department of State. Overseas Security Advisory Council; United States. Department of State
  • Subject Bibliography: Suicide Bombers
    FBI Academy
    Bunker, Robert J.
  • Targeted Terror: The Suicide Bombers of al-Shabaab
    Combating Terrorism Center (U.S.)
    Warner, Jason; Chapin, Ellen
  • D.I.M.E.F.I.L.: A Worldwide Campaign for Life
    Joint Forces Staff College (U.S.). Joint Advanced Warfighting School
    Grice, Lisa
  • Suicide Bombing in the COE
    United States. Army Training and Doctrine Command
  • Developing an Operational and Tactical Methodology for Incorporating Existing Technologies to Produce the Highest Probability of Detecting an Individual Wearing an IED
    Naval Postgraduate School (U.S.)
    Binstock, John
  • Understanding Female Suicide Terrorism in Sri Lanka through a Constructivist Lens
    Naval Postgraduate School (U.S.). Center for Contemporary Conflict
    Dearing. Matthew P.
  • Agency and Structure as Determinants of Female Suicide Terrorism: A Comparative Study of Three Conflict Regions
    Naval Postgraduate School (U.S.)
    Dearing. Matthew P.
  • Serial No. 110-134: Counternarcotics Strategy and Police Training in Afghanistan, Hearing before the Subcommittee on the Middle East and South Asia of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, House of Representatives, One Hundred Tenth Congress, First Session, October 4, 2007
    United States. Government Printing Office
  • Women as Victims and Victimizers
    United States. Department of State
  • Defeating the Modern Asymmetric Threat
    Naval Postgraduate School (U.S.)
    Connor, Robert J.
  • Leading Healing in a Broken Unit
    National Defense University. Center for Technology and National Security Policy. Center for Complex Operations
    Taylor, Scott N.; Powley, Edward H.
  • Attack on Bombs: U.S. Air Force Program Weaves Surveillance and Intelligence to Find Roots of IED Attacks in Iraq
    United States. Army. Army Intelligence & Security Command
    Fulghum, David A.
  • Case Study: The Mythology of Martyrdom in Iraq
    United States. Department of State
    Hafez, Mohammed M., 1970-
  • New IO Strategy: Prevention and Disengagement
    Naval Postgraduate School (U.S.). Center for Contemporary Conflict
    Benard, Cheryl; O'Connell, Ed
  • Detecting Concealed Weapons: Directions for the Future
    United States. Office of Justice Programs
    Tillery, Chris
  • Strategic Logic of Suicide Terror
    United States. Department of the Air Force
    Howard, Ernie
  • Serial No. 114-56: Israel Imperiled: Threats to the Jewish State, Joint Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Terrorism, Nonproliferation, and Trade and the Subcommittee on the Middle East and North Africa of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, House of Representatives, One Hundred Fourteenth Congress, Second Session, April 19, 2015
    United States. Government Publishing Office
  • Sociology and Psychology of Terrorism: Who Becomes a Terrorist and Why?
    Library of Congress. Federal Research Division
    Hudson, Rex A.
  • Bomb Threats Stand-Off Chart
    United States. Department of Homeland Security
  • DOD / NGO Relations and Stability, Security, Transition and Reconstruction Operations in Sub-Saharan Africa
    U.S. Army Command and General Staff College
    Newell, Neal, III
  • Shooting the Messenger: Diplomats Crushed by Wave of New Terrorism
    Joint Advanced Warfighting Program (Institute for Defense Analyses)
    Geinert,Justin M
  • European Security and Islamist Terrorism [June 8, 2017]
    Library of Congress. Congressional Research Service
    Archick, Kristin; Belkin, Paul; Mix, Derek E.
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