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  • Assessment of United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Fugitive Operations Teams
    United States. Department of Homeland Security. Office of Inspector General
  • Presidential Policy Directive 21: Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience
    United States. White House Office
    Obama, Barack
  • Confronting Euro-Atlantic Security Challenges
    Naval Postgraduate School (U.S.). Center for Contemporary Conflict
    Wirtz, James J., 1958-
  • Memorials and Museums Master Plan
    United States. National Capital Planning Commission
  • Managing Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles Maintenance
    United States. Department of the Air Force
  • Canadian Decisions in a Shifting North American Security Landscape
    Air University (U.S.). Press
    Johnson, Bruce
  • Strategic Decision Support Using Computerised Morphological Analysis
    Command and Control Research Program (U.S.)
    Ritchey, Tom
  • Human Capital: Selected Agencies' Statuatory Authorities Could Offer Options in Developing a Framework for Governmentwide Reform
    United States. Government Accountability Office
  • Maintaining the Legal High Ground: The Legal Implications of Using Armed Force to Combat Terrorists
    Army War College (U.S.)
    Mangum, Kevin W.
  • Information Sharing Environment Profile and Architecture Implementation Strategy, Version 2.0
    United States. Information Sharing Environment
  • NITRD CSIA IWG Cybersecurity Game-Change: Research & Development Recommendations
    Networking and Information Technology Research and Development Program (U.S.)
  • Department of Defense Directive 3150.08: DoD Response to Nuclear and Radiological Incidents
    United States. Department of Defense
  • Afghanistan and Pakistan Regional Stabilization Strategy
    United States. Department of State. Office of the Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan
  • Department of Defense Instruction 3100.11: Illumination of Objects in Space by Lasers
    United States. Department of Defense
  • Fact Sheet: Executive Order on Cybersecurity / Presidential Policy Directive on Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience
    United States. Department of Homeland Security. Press Office
  • From Chaos to Cohesion: A Regional Approach to Security, Stability, and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa
    Army War College (U.S.). Strategic Studies Institute
    Chido, Diane E.
  • Cyberspace Operations: Air Force Doctrine Document 3-12, 15 July 2010 - Incorporating Change 1, 30 November 2011
    United States. Air Force
  • Directive-Type Memorandum (DTM) 11-008, 'Use of Excess Ballistic Missiles for Space Launch', July 5, 2011 [Incorporating Change 3, April 25, 2013]
    United States. Department of Defense
  • Mobile, PIV, and Authentication
    United States. Department of Commerce; National Institute of Standards and Technology (U.S.)
    Ferraiolo, Hildegard; Regenscheid, Andrew; Cooper, David . . .
  • Nationwide SAR Initiative Annual Report 2012
    United States. Department of Homeland Security; United States. Bureau of Justice Assistance; United States. Department of Justice . . .
  • Eight Annual Cyber Security and Information Intelligence Research Workshop: Federal Cyber Security R&D Program Thrusts
    United States. Department of Energy
    Sheldon, Frederick T.; Giani, Annarita; Krings, Axel W. . . .
  • Defense Strategy and Forces: Setting Future Directions
    Naval War College (U.S.)
    Lloyd, Richard M.
  • Missile Defense: Opportunity Exists to Strengthen Acquisitions by Reducing Concurrency, Report to Congressional Committees
    United States. Government Accountability Office
  • Aegis BMD Global Enterprise: A 'High End' Maritime Partnership
    Naval War College (U.S.). Press
    Galdorisi, George, 1948-; Truver, Scott C.; Hicks, Brad
  • Remote Sensing and Mass Migration Policy Development
    Air University (U.S.). Air War College
    Dysart, Mary D.
  • Naval War College Review [Winter 2018]
    Naval War College (U.S.)
  • Federal Real Property: Opportunities Exist to Enhance Information on and Coordination among Federal Entities with Leasing Authority, Statement of David Wise, Director Physical Infrastructure Issues, Testimony Before the Subcommittee on Economic Development, Public Buildings, and Emergency Management, Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, House of Representatives
    United States. Government Accountability Office
    Wise, David J.
  • H. Rept. 115-283: Cyber Vulnerability Disclosure Reporting Act, Report to Accompany H.R. 3202, September 1, 2017
    United States. Government Publishing Office
  • Successful Deterrence Against a Coercive Attempt by China to Reunify Taiwan Must Be Defeated in Phases Zero and One
    Naval War College (U.S.). Joint Military Operations Department
    Hammersmark, Leif
  • War with Iran: Considerations for the Next Coalition Campaign
    Naval War College (U.S.)
    Hoeing, Joseph B., Jr.
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