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  • Maintaining Small Business Support in Times of Increased Army National Guard Utilization: An Impending Crisis
    Army War College (U.S.)
    Settle, Tracy L.
  • Readout of Secretary Napolitano's Meetings with Real Estate, Professional Sports, Media and Financial Leaders in New York City [December 4, 2009]
    United States. Department of Homeland Security. Press Office
  • PrepTalks: Saving Lives After a Nuclear Detonation [video]
    United States. Federal Emergency Management Agency
    Buddemeier, Brooke R.
  • Standards for Local Civil Preparedness
    United States. Department of Defense; United States. Defense Civil Preparedness Agency
  • Role of 'Innere Führung' in German Civil-Military Relations
    Naval Postgraduate School (U.S.). Center for Contemporary Conflict
    McGregor, Petra
  • Army National Guard Unit Mobilization Process Transforming to Meet the Needs of the Future Force
    Army War College (U.S.)
    Kampenich, Shawn
  • Continuation Guidance -- Budget Year Five, Attachment K: Cities Readiness Initiative
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (U.S.)
  • Operation Liberty Shield: Press Briefing by Secretary Ridge [March 15, 2003]
    United States. Department of Homeland Security
  • America's International Ports and Intermodal Transportation System: Ill-Prepared for Biological Weapons of Mass Destruction
    Army War College (U.S.)
    Anthony, Hodges
  • Remarks by Secretary Tom Ridge at DHS Employees Event in Selfridge, Michigan [June 19, 2003]
    United States. Department of Homeland Security. Press Office
  • Is an ISO Rating Process Appropriate for the Roanoke County Fire and Rescue Department at this Time?
    National Fire Academy
    Griffith, C. Travis
  • Forces that Will Shape America's Future: Themes from GAO's Strategic Plan 2007 - 2012
    United States. Government Accountability Office
  • All-Volunteer Force: A Selected Bibliography
    Army War College (U.S.). Library
    Silkett, Jenny
  • Naval Aviation: Forward Air Power from the Sea
    United States. Department of the Navy
  • 'Building the Bench'- Army National Guard Mentoring
    Army War College (U.S.)
    Jahnke, Jeffrey A.
  • EPA's Role in Water Security Research: The Water Security Research and Technical Support Action Plan
    United States. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Commencement Address at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, May 24, 2013
    United States. Office of the Federal Register
    Obama, Barack
  • Kosovo Conflict: Emerging Relationships and Implications for Greece
    Naval Postgraduate School (U.S.)
    Pattas, Ioannis
  • Counterterrorism 2012 Calendar
    National Counterterrorism Center (U.S.)
  • 2011 Counterterrorism Calendar
    National Counterterrorism Center (U.S.)
  • Coast Guard Journal of Safety & Security at Sea: Proceedings of the Marine Safety & Security Council [Volume 60, Number 2]
    United States. Coast Guard
  • Developing a Physical Fitness Program for the City of Portage Fire Department
    National Fire Academy
    Hudson, Robert M.
  • Beyond the Plan: Individual Responder and Family Preparedness in the Resilient Organization
    Naval Postgraduate School (U.S.). Center for Homeland Defense and Security
    Cox, Cynthia A.; Landahl, Mark R.
  • Serial No. 107-182: Coordinated Information Sharing and Homeland Security Technology: Hearing before the Subcommittee on Technology and Procurement Policy of the Committee on Government Reform, House of Representatives One Hundred Seventh Congress, Second Session, June 7, 2002
    United States. Government Printing Office
  • Role of the National Guard in Homeland Security [April 7, 2004]
    Army War College (U.S.)
    Dever, Chip
  • Serial No. 113-45: Cyber Threats and Security Solutions: Hearing Before the Committee on Energy and Commerce, House of Representatives, One Hundred Thirteenth Congress, First Session, May 21, 2013
    United States. Government Printing Office
  • Serial No. 114-60: DHS in Today's Dangerous World: Examining the Department's Budget and Readiness to Counter Homeland Threats, Hearing Before the Committee on Homeland Security, House of Representatives, One Hundred Fourteenth Congress, Second Session, March 16, 2016
    United States. Government Publishing Office
  • U.S. Department of Homeland Security Agency Financial Report: Fiscal Year 2015
    United States. Department of Homeland Security
  • Irregular Warfare: Brazil's Fight Against Criminal Urban Guerrillas
    Joint Special Operations University (U.S.)
    de Souza Pinheiro, Alvaro
  • S. Hrg. 113-6: Federal Reserves Monetary Policy Report for 2013: Hearing Before the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, United States Senate, One Hundred Thirteenth Congress, First Session on Oversight on the Monetary Policy Report to Congress Pursuant to the Full Employment and Balanced Growth Act of 1978, February 26, 2013
    United States. Government Printing Office
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