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  • Protecting the Most Vulnerable by Vaccinating the Most Active
    RAND Corporation
    Gulden, Timothy R.; Hartnett, Gavin S.; Vardavas, Raffaele . . .
  • Modeling the Impact of Social Distancing and Targeted Vaccination on the Spread of COVID-19 Through a Real City-Scale Contact Network
    RAND Corporation
    Hartnett, Gavin S.; Parker, Edward; Gulden, Timothy R. . . .
  • Temporary Safety-Net Policies and Pandemic-Related Insurance Loss in New York State
    RAND Corporation
    Eibner, Christine; Liu, Jodi L.; Price, Carter C. . . .
  • Improving Decision Support for Infectious Disease Prevention and Control: Aligning Models and Other Tools with Policymakers' Needs
    RAND Corporation
    Manheim, David; Chamberlin, Margaret; Vardavas, Raffaele . . .
  • Reopening California: Seeking Robust, Nondominated COVID-19 Exit Strategies
    PLoS ONE
    Nascimento de Lima, Pedro; Lempert, Robert J.; Vardavas, Raffaele . . .
  • Health and Economic Impacts of Nonpharmaceutical Interventions to Address COVID-19
    RAND Corporation
    Vardavas, Raffaele; Strong, Aaron; Bouey, Jennifer . . .
  • Modeling COVID-19 Nonpharmaceutical Interventions: Exploring Periodic NPI Strategies
    RAND Corporation
    Vardavas, Raffaele; Nascimento de Lima, Pedro; Baker, Lawrence
  • Reopening Under Uncertainty: Stress-Testing California's COVID-19 Exit Strategy
    RAND Corporation
    Nascimento de Lima, Pedro; Vardavas, Raffaele; Baker, Lawrence . . .
  • Reopening California: Seeking Robust, Non-Dominated COVID-19 Exit Strategies
    RAND Corporation
    Nascimento de Lima, Pedro; Lempert, Robert J.; Vardavas, Raffaele . . .