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  • Communicating with Immigrant and Non-English Speakers About the COVID-19 Vaccine: Effective Tools and Tactics
    New America Foundation
    Harry, Sydette; Ni, Xena; Pereda, Valentina . . .
  • Why is Eviction Data So Bad?: Recommendations for Improving the Local and National Landscape
    New America Foundation
    Panfil, Yuliya; Zainulbhai, Sabiha; Robustelli, Tim
  • Democracy Beyond COVID-19: The Politics of Crisis Policymaking
    New America Foundation
    Drutman, Lee, 1976-; Strano, Maresa; Gilman, Hollie Russon . . .
  • Getting to the Source of Infodemics: It's the Business Model: A Report from Ranking Digital Rights
    New America Foundation
    Maréchal, Nathalie; MacKinnon, Rebecca; Dheere, Jessica
  • Pandemic Planning for Distance Learning: Scenarios and Considerations for PreK-12 Education Leaders
    New America Foundation
    Ishmael, Kristina; Heiser, Rebecca; Payne, Jennifer
  • CARES Act Stimulus Payments Have Reached 160 Million Households --But Could Reach Millions More: Technical Fixes and Future Reforms for Ensuring Emergency Funds Reach Those Who Need Them Most
    New America Foundation
    Zucker, Gabriel; McGuinness, Tara Dawson; Olson, Nina
  • Establishing Emergency Cash Assistance Programs: Lessons from the Field
    New America Foundation
    Graubard, Vivian; Zeichner, Nikki; Robertson, Cassandra Burke
  • How Internet Platforms Are Combating Disinformation and Misinformation in the Age of COVID-19
    New America Foundation
    Singh, Spandana; Bagchi, Koustubh
  • Displaced in America: Mapping Housing Loss Across the United States
    New America Foundation
    Robustelli, Tim; Panfil, Yuliya; Oran, Katie . . .