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  • Problems and Success Factors Inherent in Fire Service Retirement
    National Fire Academy
    Bates, Gerald M.
  • Fireground Radio Communications and Firefighter Safety
    National Fire Academy
    Varone, J. Curtis
  • Marketing Strategy for Wildland Fuel Reduction in Palm Coast, Florida
    National Fire Academy
    Kuypers, Mike
  • Providence Fire Department Staffing Study Revisited
    National Fire Academy
    Varone, J. Curtis
  • Study of Standby Water Fees/User Fees for Fire Sprinkler System Connections to Water Mains
    National Fire Academy
    Wood, Thomas R.
  • Development of a Strategy for Conflict Management During Fire/EMS Department Amalgamation
    National Fire Academy
    Williams, Bernard E.
  • Evaluation of a Mitigation Procedure for Small Liquid Oxygen (LOX) Spills
    National Fire Academy
    Kampmier, Craig H.
  • Providence Fire Department Staffing Study: Executive Development
    National Fire Academy
    Varone, J. Curtis
  • Defining the Organizational Culture of the Fairborn Fire Department
    National Fire Academy
    Harlow, T. David
  • Cognitive Development Considerations in Preschool Fire Safety Education
    National Fire Academy
    Dalbey, Steven
  • Structure Triage During Wildland/Urban Interface/Intermix Fires
    National Fire Academy
    Brown, Keith
  • Report on the Future of the National Fire Service: Year 2000 and Beyond
    National Fire Academy; United States Fire Administration
  • TRADE '86 Conference Report
    United States. Federal Emergency Management Agency; National Fire Academy
  • Guide for Preparing and Implementing Fire Training and Education Plans
    National Fire Academy; United States. Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • Briefing Book: Federal Fire Prevention and Control Act of 1974
    National Fire Academy
  • Meeting the Needs of the Community: Exploring Employment Opportunities for People with Developmental/Intellectual Disabilities at South Metro Fire Rescue Authority
    National Fire Academy
    Bloomquist, Doug
  • Upgrading to Advanced Life Support: Fact or Fiction
    National Fire Academy
    Patterson, Michael
  • Potential Reduction of Firefighter Exposure to Carbon-Based Carcinogens in Structure Fires Through the Use of Class A Compressed Air Foam Systems
    National Fire Academy
    Baum, Gary
  • Analysis of Response Times for the Colerain Township Department of Fire & EMS
    National Fire Academy
    Walls, M. Allen
  • Is Benefit Cost Analysis a Plausible Tool for the Fayetteville Fire Department?
    National Fire Academy
    Hardin, Brad
  • Understanding the Relationship Between the Clifton Fire Department (CFD) NJ and Clifton's Orthodox Jewish Community
    National Fire Academy
    Allora, Michael J.
  • After the Disaster! Toward an Emotional and Spiritual Response for Wolfforth Fire and EMS
    National Fire Academy
    Addington, Christopher R.
  • 'Plane' Truth: A Map That Identifies Infrastructure, Resources, Assets, and Hazards at Dallas Love Field Airport Can Help Incident Commanders During Large-Scale Emergencies
    National Fire Academy
    Johnson, Lauren A.
  • Strengthening Employee Conduct: The Value of Ethics Training and a Written Code of Ethics for the Fire Service
    National Fire Academy
    Howes, Christopher T.
  • Establishing Emergency Pet Shelters During Manmade, Natural Emergency or Disasters in the Worthington Fire Protection District
    National Fire Academy
    Jump, Kevin L.
  • Residential Smoke Alarm Usage in Single-Family Dwellings Madison Heights, Michigan
    National Fire Academy
    Martin, James E.
  • Tornado Shelter Needs Assessment
    National Fire Academy
    Hall, William (Mike)
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