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Publisher is Naval Postgraduate School (U.S.)

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  • Reducing the Use of Force: De-escalation Training for Police Officers
    From the thesis abstract: "The use of force by police officers has captured the attention of society. Allegations of inappropriate or misapplied force happen with regularity. This thesis conducted a survey of the members of th… more
    Dayley, Eric H.
  • Redirected Radicals: Understanding the Risk of Altered Targeting Trajectories Among ISIL's Aspiring Foreign Fighters
    From the thesis abstract: "Since the formation of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and its so-called 'Caliphate,' the terrorist organization has demonstrated its capability and willingness to project force beyon… more
    Gordon, John Tully
  • Tactical Firefighter Teams: Pivoting Toward the Fire Service's Evolving Homeland Security Mission
    From the thesis abstract: "Firefighters and police officers are increasingly called upon to work in each other's spaces but are neither trained nor equipped to do so; consequently, they are limited in their ability to enter on… more
    Vargas, Cynthia M.
  • TB Anywhere is TB Everywhere: The Intersection of U.S. Immigration Enforcement Policy and TB
    From the thesis abstract: "Tuberculosis (TB) is a significant health issue to both the general public and the officers who enforce our nation's immigration laws. Current immigration enforcement policies increase the likelihood… more
    Little, Reed David
  • Terrorism-Related Loss of Citizenship - A Policy Review
    From the thesis abstract: "Since September 11, 2001, a collection of bills have been submitted to Congress proposing to amend section 349 of the Immigration and Nationality Act to provide that an individual may lose United Sta… more
    Martin, James H.
  • Will Climate Change the Future of Homeland Security?
    From the thesis abstract: "Drought, melting Arctic ice, ocean acidification, and sea-level rise are all subsectors of climate change. I have identified these as slow-onset disasters. The purpose of this thesis is to determine … more
    Wasp, Valli A.
  • Securing Healthcare's Quantified-Self Data: A Comparative Analysis Versus Personal Financial Account Aggregators Based on Porter's Five Forces Framework for Competitive Forces
    From the thesis abstract: "This thesis explores possible solutions to secure the aggregation and sharing of healthcare's quantified-self data, based on lessons from the personal financial industry. To address this concern, Por… more
    Chiang, Catherine H.
  • Shades of Gray: Releasing the Cognitive Binds that Blind Us
    From the thesis abstract: "The United States Intelligence Community is tasked with providing the intelligence necessary to protect the homeland and U.S. interests abroad. Technology acts as a force multiplier for intelligence … more
    Hensley, Patrick D.
  • Social Networks and High Healthcare Utilization: Building Resilience Through Analysis
    From the thesis abstract: "This thesis explores the links that exist between human beings and how the presence, or absence, of connectivity within a person's social network impacts one's health and well-being. Through the anal… more
    Baker, Michael D.
  • States of Terror: Understanding Evolving Islamist Terrorist Organizations and the Threat They Pose
    From the thesis abstract: "Islamist militant organizations appear to be evolving from traditional disassociated networks, al- Qaeda's model, into centralized regional powers with the intent of developing into national governme… more
    McCulley, Dylan P.
  • Your Criminal FICO Score
    From the thesis abstract: "One of the more contentious uses of big data analytics in homeland security is predictive policing, which harnesses big data to allocate police resources, decrease crime, and increase public safety. … more
    Tonelli, Michelle
  • Civil-Military Relations and Sexual Assault
    From the thesis abstract: "The Bureau of Justice Statistics' Criminal Victimization Survey reported that there were 284,350 rapes or sexual assaults in the United States in 2014. In the same year, the Department of Defense (DO… more
    Bluhm, Brandi K.
  • Enhancing the NFL's Counter-Terrorism Efforts: Is the League's Security Scheme Able to Effectively Thwart Terrorist Attacks?
    From the thesis abstract: "The National Football League (NFL) has become the unofficial national pastime in the United States due to its massive popularity in terms of game attendance, television viewership, and annual revenue… more
    Bolstad, Jeffrey S.
  • Human Trafficking and U.S. Government Responses Post-9/11
    From the thesis abstract: "The thesis examines the effectiveness of U.S. government anti-human trafficking efforts in the post- 9/11 environment. The body of human trafficking literature has revealed four common themes: human … more
    DeCeoursty, Kevin D.
  • U.S. Response to NEOs: Avoiding a Black Swan Event
    From the thesis abstract: "Near Earth Objects (NEOs) present one of the greatest threats to Earth, but currently there is no U.S. or international response and mitigation strategy in place for a NEO impact. This thesis examine… more
    Dixon, Candice Kiara
  • Rescuing Tomorrow Today: Fixing Training and Development for DHS Leaders
    From the thesis abstract: "Leadership is an essential quality that all homeland security professionals should possess. Unfortunately, the nature, scope, importance, and complexity of protecting the United States has overshadow… more
    Miller, Jeffrey M.
  • Creating a Learning Organization for State, Local, and Tribal Law Enforcement to Combat Violent Extremism
    From the thesis abstract: "This is a proof-of-concept project for an online law enforcement learning organization dedicated to combating violent extremism (CVE), specifically, counter-radicalization techniques to be implemente… more
    Powell, John Eric
  • Assessing Resilience: How Plans, Strategies and After Action Reports Can Improve Our Understanding of Organizational Preparedness
    From the thesis abstract: "Resilience has emerged as a prominent term throughout homeland security and emergency preparedness doctrine. The National Preparedness Goal, the United States Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) … more
    Nussbaum, Melissa
  • Blueprints for Disaster: Balancing Secrecy and Transparency of Government Continuity Plans
    From the thesis abstract: "On one hand, it is readily assumed that the government must keep some information secret for the security of the state and the safety of people; on the other, as the ultimate sovereign, the people re… more
    Vollbrecht, Stephen Scott
  • Brand Caliphate and Recruitment Between the Genders
    From the thesis abstract: "Since the declaration of the Islamic State (IS) in 2014, men and women have been recruited to join the Caliphate in numbers surpassing those recruited by al Qaida. This variance in recruitment volume… more
    Monroe, Brandi Lynn Evans
  • Lighting a Fire Under Public Health and Safety Education: Influence Through Rational Choice, Reasoned Behavior, and Behavioral Economics
    From the thesis abstract: "Many public health and safety education interventions have failed because practitioners did not apply effective methods of influence to alter individuals' actions. Identification of successful method… more
    McNamara, Timothy W.
  • Mindfulness Training: Worthwhile as a Means to Enhance First-Responder Crisis Decision Making?
    From the thesis abstract: "This thesis identified a need for improvement in first-responder crisis decision making. The primary research question was, would mindfulness training be worthwhile as a means to enhance first-respon… more
    Flynn, John F.
  • Preventing Stress Disorders for Law Enforcement Officers Exposed to Disturbing Media
    From the thesis abstract: "The law enforcement officer's job is both physically and mentally challenging. In an instant, officers can be thrown into extremely stressful situations. Officers and intelligence analysts continuall… more
    Murphy, Matthew G.
  • Developing a Shared Service Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Capability for Regional Emergency Services
    From the thesis abstract: "At the scenes of emergencies across the nation, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have proven their worth to rescue crews; however, this expensive asset is not necessarily a tool that every emergency s… more
    Lakamp, Thomas Charles
  • GPS: Public Utility or Software Platform?
    From the thesis abstract: "The Global Positioning System (GPS), a satellite navigation system, is critical to the United States' (U.S.) national and homeland security. The U.S. has made GPS resilient to interruption by flying … more
    Thibault, Marc A., Jr.
  • Hacking Your Ride: Is Web 2.0 Creating Vulnerabilities to Surface Transportation?
    From the thesis abstract: "The purpose of this thesis is to determine the threats that social media and social navigation (SMSN) pose to the surface transportation system. The research catalogs the types of threats and SMSN's … more
    Novenario, Cedric
  • Saudi Arabia's Nuclear Posture: Is Hedging the Future?
    From the thesis abstract: "The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) leaves Iran with residual capabilities that positions it for the rapid development of nuclear weapons should it abandon the deal. This thesis examines h… more
    Holloway, William F.
  • Syrian Refugees: Are They a Non-traditional Threat to Water Supplies in Lebanon and Jordan?
    From the thesis abstract: "Water scarcity is a critical problem facing the Middle East, more so than any other region of the world. Countries in the area have devoted vast amounts of resources to coping with the decreasing ava… more
    Klingseis, Stephen J.
  • Sovereign Citizen Movement: An Empirical Study on the Rise in Activity, Explanations of Growth, and Policy Prescriptions
    From the thesis abstract: "The United States faces a domestic threat that is largely ignored by counterterrorism practitioners and policy: the Sovereign Citizens Movement. The adherents of this antigovernment movement have com… more
    Slater, Brian S.
  • Sovereign Citizen Movement: An Empirical Study on the Rise in Activity, Explanations of Growth, and Policy Prescriptions [supplemental]
    This record contains supplemental material for the thesis of the same title. The supplemental material contained in this record provides a spreadsheet titled "Database of Sovereign Citizens," which provides statistical informa… more
    Slater, Brian S.
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