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  • National Nuclear Security Administration: A Plan Incorporating Leading Practices Is Needed to Guide Cost Reporting Improvement Effort, Report to Congressional Committees
    "Effective management and oversight of contracts, projects, and programs are dependent upon the availability of reliable enterprise-wide financial management information. Such information is also needed by Congress to carry ou… more
  • Nation's Fiscal Health: Action is Needed to Address the Federal Government's Fiscal Future, A Report to Congress
    "The Congress and incoming Administration face serious economic, security, and social challenges that will require difficult policy choices in the short term about the level of federal spending and investments as well as ways … more
  • Border Patrol: Actions Needed to Improve Oversight of Post-Apprehension Consequences, Report to the Chairman, Committee on Homeland Security, House of Representatives
    "To address smuggling along the U.S. southwest border, the U.S. Border Patrol developed CDS [Consequence Delivery System]--a process to classify each apprehended alien into criminal or noncriminal categories and apply conseque… more
  • School Bus Safety: Crash Data Trends and Federal and State Requirements, Report to Congressional Addressees
    "School buses transport over 26 million students to school and other activities every day. While school buses have a strong safety record, crashes with fatalities and injuries do occur. Since school buses transport precious ca… more
  • Terrorism Risk Insurance: Market Challenges May Exist for Current Structure and Alternative Approaches, Report to Congressional Committees
    "After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, insurers generally stopped covering terrorism risk because losses could be too high relative to the premiums they could charge. Congress enacted TRIA [Terrorism Risk Insuranc… more
  • Military Personnel: DOD Has Processes for Operating and Managing Its Sexual Assault Incident Database, Report to Congressional Committees
    "GAO [Government Accountability Office] has reported that DOD has not collected uniform data on sexual assaults involving members of the armed forces. In 2008, Congress required DOD to implement a centralized, case-level datab… more
  • Indian Health Service: Actions Needed to Improve Oversight of Quality of Care, Report to Congressional Requesters
    "IHS [Indian Health Service] is charged with providing health care to American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) people who are members or descendants of 567 tribes. AI/AN people born today have a life expectancy that is 4.4 years … more
  • Public Health Emergencies: HHS Needs to Better Communicate Requirements and Revise Plans for Assessing Impact of Personnel Reassignment, Report to Congressional Committees
    "HHS [U.S. Department of Health and Human Services] provides funding to state, local, and territorial entities to help them prepare for and respond to public health emergencies, such as influenza pandemics and other threats. H… more
  • Troubled Asset Relief Program: Status of Housing Programs, Report to Congressional Committees
    "Since 2009 Treasury has obligated $37.51 billion in TARP [Troubled Asset Relief Program] funds to help struggling homeowners avoid foreclosure. The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 included a provision for GAO [Go… more
  • Financial Assurances for Reclamation: Federal Regulations and Policies for Selected Mining and Energy Development Activities
    "Mining and energy development activities provide important resources for the nation but often require disturbing the land surface, which potentially affects vegetation, wildlife, and water quality, among other things. Compani… more
  • Drug Safety: FDA Has Improved Its Foreign Drug Inspection Program, but Needs to Assess the Effectiveness and Staffing of Its Foreign Offices, Report to the Committee on Energy and Commerce
    "Globalization has complicated FDA's oversight of drugs marketed in the United States. FDA reports that more than 40 percent of finished drugs and 80 percent of active pharmaceutical ingredients are produced overseas. FDA insp… more
  • Cuba: U.S. Policy Changes Increased Engagement with Private Sector, but Agency Information Collection Is Limited, Report to Congressional Requesters
    "In the more than 50 years since it established an embargo on Cuba, the U.S. government has pursued a policy designed to isolate Cuba's communist regime. In December 2014, the President announced a significant change in U.S. p… more
  • Seafood Safety: Status of Issues Related to Catfish Inspection, Statement of Steve D. Morris, Director, Natural Resources and Environment, Testimony Before the Subcommittee on Health, Committee on Energy and Commerce, House of Representatives
    "The volume of seafood imported to the United States has increased. In 2009, 80 percent of the seafood in the U.S. food supply was imported, but by 2015, more than 90 percent was imported. Catfish accounted for about 4 percent… more
  • FDA Facilities: Planning Efforts for White Oak Campus Should Further Incorporate Leading Practices to Address Ongoing Challenges, Report to Congressional Requesters
    "In 1990, Congress mandated that FDA consolidate its facilities in the national capital area. Consolidation began in 2003. Currently, about 10,500 FDA staff and contractors work in about 3.8 million square feet at the federall… more
  • Information Technology: Improved Implementation of Reform Law Is Critical to Better Manage Acquisitions and Operations, Statement of David A. Powner, Director Information Technology Management Issues, Testimony Before the Subcommittees on Government Operations and Information Technology, Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, House of Representatives
    "The federal government is likely to invest more than $89 billion on IT in fiscal year 2017. Historically, these investments have frequently failed, incurred cost overruns and schedule slippages, or contributed little to missi… more
  • Human Trafficking: State Has Made Improvements in Its Annual Report but Does Not Explicitly Explain Certain Tier Rankings or Change, Report to Congressional Addressees
    From the highlights section within the document: "Human traffickers exploit men, women, and children for financial gain. Congress enacted the TVPA [Trafficking Victims Protection Act] in 2000, which requires the Secretary of S… more
  • Motor Carriers: Establishing System for Self-Reporting Equipment Problems Appears Feasible, but Safety Benefits Questionable and Costs Uknown
    "In 2015, more than 4,000 people were killed in crashes involving large trucks. To identify carriers with the highest crash risk, FMCSA [Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration] uses information from roadside inspectio… more
  • Hazardous Materials Rail Shipments: A Review of Emergency Response Information in Selected Train Documents, Report to Congressional Committees
    "In November 2012, a train derailed in Paulsboro, New Jersey, releasing about 20,000 gallons of vinyl chloride, a hazardous material. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) found, among other issues, that the su… more
  • Overseas Contingency Operations: Observations on the Use of Force Management Levels in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, Statement of Cary Russell, Director, Defense Capabilities and Management, Testimony before the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, Committee on Armed Services, House of Representatives
    "The United States has engaged in multiple efforts in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria since declaring a global war on terrorism in 2001. Currently, in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, U.S. forces are deployed under force manage… more
  • Confidential Informants: Status of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration's Efforts to Address a GAO Recommendation
    "Law enforcement agencies rely on the use of confidential informants as one of many investigative tools at the agencies' disposal. Because of some informants' past involvement in criminal activities or organizations, the inf… more
  • Climate Change: Improved Federal Coordination Could Facilitate Use of Forward-Looking Climate Information in Design Standards, Building Codes, and Certifications, Report to the Honorable Matthew Cartwright, House of Representatives
    "Over the last decade, extreme weather cost the federal government more than $320 billion for, among other things, repairs to federal infrastructure, and according to the President's 2017 budget request, these costs may rise a… more
  • Food Safety: FDA's Efforts to Evaluate and Respond to Business Concerns Regarding the Produce Rule
    "Although the United States has one of the safest food supplies in the world, foodborne illness is a common public health problem. Some of this illness can be linked to produce. In 2006, for example, an E. coli outbreak associ… more
  • Weapon System Requirements: Detailed Systems Engineering Prior to Product Development Positions Programs for Success, Report to Congressional Committees
    "Cost and schedule growth in DOD major defense acquisition programs persist, and some acquisition reform proponents believe such growth is due to unplanned changes in program requirements (commonly referred to as 'requirements… more
  • Hazardous Materials Rail Shipments: Emergency Responders Receive Support, but DoT Could Improve Oversight of Information Sharing, Report to the Ranking Member, Committee on Transportationand Infrastructure, House of Representatives
    "Recent rail accidents involving hazardous materials, such as crude oil, have raised questions about local emergency responders' ability to take protective actions in the aftermath of such accidents. Along with FRA [Federal Ra… more
  • Decennial Census: Progress Report on Preparations for 2020, Statement of Robert Goldenkoff, Director, Strategic Issues, Testimony Before the Subcommittee on Government Operations, Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, House of Representatives
    "With a life-cycle cost of about $12.3 billion, the 2010 Census was the most expensive U.S. census in history. To help control costs and maintain accuracy, the 2020 Census design includes new procedures and technology that hav… more
  • Information Technology: Uncertainty Remains about the Bureau's Readiness for a Key Decennial Census Test, Statement of David A. Powner, Director, Information Technology Management Issues,Testimony Before the Subcommittee on Government Operations, Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, House of Representatives
    "The U.S. Census Bureau (a component of the Department of Commerce) plans to significantly change the methods and technology it uses to count the population with the 2020 Decennial Census, such as by offering an option for hou… more
  • Asylum: Variation Exists in Outcomes of Applications Across Immigration Courts and Judges, Report to Congressional Committees
    "Tens of thousands of foreign nationals in the United States apply annually for asylum, which provides refuge to those who have been persecuted or fear persecution on protected grounds. EOIR's [Executive Office for Immigration… more
  • Defense Infrastructure: Actions Needed to Strengthen Utility Resilience Planning, Report to the Committee on Armed Services, U.S. Senate
    "DOD [Department of Defense] installations rely on utilities, such as electricity, to accomplish their missions and disruptions can hamper military operations. Senate Report 114- 49 included a provision for GAO [Government Acc… more
  • Defense Infrastructure: DOD Efforts to Prevent and Mitigate Encroachment at Its Installations, Report to Congressional Committees
    "DOD [Department of Defense] reports that it faces challenges in carrying out realistic training because of the cumulative effect of outside influences -such as encroachment from urban growth-that GAO [Government Accountabilit… more
  • Army Pacific Pathways: Comprehensive Assessment and Planning Needed to Capture Benefits Relative to Costs and Enhance Value for Participating Units, Report to Congressional Committees [Reissued on November 30, 2016]
    "In accordance with the shift in U.S. strategy and rebalance of military forces to the Asia-Pacific, USARPAC [U.S. Army Pacific] has turned its focus toward rebuilding its expeditionary readiness. To this end, USARPAC launched… more
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