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  • Environmental Terrorism
    Army War College (U.S.)
    Walter, James A.
  • Deterrence for World Peace: A New World Order Option?
    Army War College (U.S.)
    Rosso, Michael J.
  • Modeling of Air Currerts in the Gulf Region
    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
    Ellis, James S.; Sullivan, Thomas J.; Foster Connee, S.
  • United States Military and the War on Drugs
    National War College (U.S.); National Defense University
    Randolph, David E.
  • Planning for Proliferation: Rethinking U.S. Military Strategy
    National War College (U.S.)
    Peters, Joyce E.
  • DoD Directive 1404.10: Emergency-Essential (E-E) DoD U.S. Citizen Civilian Employees
    United States. Department of Defense
  • U.S. Customs Service: Concerns About Coordination and Inspection Staffing on the Southwest Border, Statement of Allan I. Mendelowitz, Director, International Trade and Finance Issues, General Government Division, Testimony before the Committee on Finance, U.S. Senate
    United States. General Accounting Office
  • Is There a Future Role for Tactical Nuclear Weapon Systems in the National Military Strategy?
    Army War College (U.S.)
    Stobbs, Emmett E. Jr.
  • Unleashing 'High-Tech' Weaponry in the Drug War: Posse Comitatus, the Fourth Amendment and Enhanced Sensing
    Judge Advocate General's Legal Center and School (United States. Army)
    Rishel, Eric C.
  • Role of Civil Defense and the Scope of Its Mission in U.S. National Security Strategy
    Industrial College of the Armed Forces (U.S.)
    Moore, John T.
  • Port Development in Latin America: A Key to U.S. Objectives
    Industrial College of the Armed Forces (U.S.)
    Boetig, Allen K.
  • SLOSH: Sea, Lake, and Overland Surges from Hurricanes
    United States. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration; United States. National Weather Service
    Jelesnianski, Chester P.; Chen, Jye; Shaffer, Wilson A.
  • Patterns of Global Terrorism: 1991
    United States. Department of State
  • DCI Task Force on the National Reconnaissance Office, Report to the Director of Central Intelligence, Final Report
    United States. Central Intelligence Agency. Directorate of Intelligence
  • Threats to US Security in a Postcontainment World
    Air University (U.S.). Center for Aerospace Doctrine, Research, and Education
    Albright, David
  • Military Technology: New Challenges for US National Security Strategy
    National War College (U.S.)
    Elliott, Carol
  • Wildlands Fire Management: Federal Policies and Their Implications for Local Fire Departments
    United States Fire Administration
    Rossomando, Christina
  • AUSA Background Brief No. 42: Special Operations Forces: A Primer
    US Army Institute of Surgical Research
  • Compulsive Gambling: Background Information for Security Personnel
    Defense Personnel Security Research Center (U.S.)
    Heuer, Richards J.
  • Theater Strategic Appraisal for South America
    Air University (U.S.). Air War College
    Gay, Mark P.
  • National Security Directive 67: Intelligence Capabilities-1992-2005
    United States. White House Office
  • Statutory Authority to Contract with the Private Sector for Secure Facilities: Memorandum Opinion for the Director, Federal Bureau of Prisons [March 25, 1992]
    United States. Department of Justice. Office of Legal Counsel
  • Drugs and Terror: A Threat to U.S. National Security
    Army War College (U.S.)
    Cantrell, Alvin D.
  • Preserving the U.S. Military Technological Edge: A Long-Term Military-Industrial-Economic Strategy to Expand the U.S. Military Technological Edge into the 21st Century
    Army War College (U.S.)
    Shamess, James M.
  • Executive Order 12793: Continuing the Presidential Service Certificate and the Presidential Service Badge
    United States. Office of the Federal Register
    Bush, George, 1924-
  • Letter to House Armed Services Committee: Senator Dick Cheney, March 17, 1992
    United States. Department of Defense
  • Strategic Defense Initiative in a Changing World
    Army War College (U.S.)
    Peacock, Jerry E.
  • National Security Directive 66: Civil Defense
    United States. White House Office
  • Application of 18 U.S.C. 205 to Proposed 'Master Amici': Memorandum Opinion for the Chief Judge, United States Court of Veterans Appeals [March 12, 1992]
    United States. Department of Justice. Office of Legal Counsel
  • United States Responses to Excessive National Maritime Claims
    United States. Department of State. Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs
    Smith, Robert W.; Roach, J. Ashley
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