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  • Terrorism: National Security Policy and the Home Front
    Army War College (U.S.). Strategic Studies Institute
    Pelletiere, Stephen C.
  • Physical Security Plan
    United States. Department of the Navy
  • RMA and the Post Goldwater-Nichols World: More Tinkering Ahead for the JCS?
    Naval War College (U.S.)
    Jenks, Darrell
  • Second Annual Conference on Law Enforcement Technology for the 21st Century: Conference Report
    National Institute of Justice (U.S.). Office of Science and Technology
    Gorelick, Jamie S.; Travis, Jeremy; Boyd, David G.
  • Authority of the Secretary of the Treasury to Order the Closing of Certain Streets Located Along the Perimeter of the White House: Memorandum for Edward S. Knight, General Counsel, Department of the Navy [May 12, 1995]
    United States. Department of Justice. Office of Legal Counsel
  • Whether 18 U.S.C. § 603 Bars Civilian Executive Branch Employees and Officers from Making Contributions to a President's Authorized Re-Election Campaign Committee: Memorandum Opinion for the Counsel to the President [May 5, 1995]
    United States. Department of Justice. Office of Legal Counsel
  • Chemical Agent Attacks in Japan [May 4, 1995]
    Library of Congress. Congressional Research Service
    Bowman, Steve
  • Development of a Strategy for Conflict Management During Fire/EMS Department Amalgamation
    National Fire Academy
    Williams, Bernard E.
  • H. Rept. 104-110, Part 2: Pipeline Safety Act of 1995, Report Together with Dissenting and Additional Dissenting Views to Accompany H.R. 1323, Including Cost Estimate of the Congressional Budget Office, May 1, 1995
    United States. Government Printing Office
  • Weapons Proliferation Threat
    United States. Central Intelligence Agency
  • H. Rept. 104-110, Part 1: Pipeline Safety Act of 1995, Report Together with Additional Views to Accompany H.R. 1323, Including Cost Estimate of the Congressional Budget Office, May 1, 1995
    United States. Government Printing Office
  • Reengineering Defense Acquisition: A Concept of Operations for Waging the Acquisition Campaigns of the 21st Century
    Air University (U.S.). Air Command and Staff College
    Martin, Laura; Starkey, Loretta; Wandrey, Jeffrey
  • Rhode Island Hurricane Evacuation Study Technical Data Report
    United States. Army. Corps of Engineers; United States. Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • U.S. Fire Administration/Technical Report Series: Old Buckingham Station - Chesterfield, Virginia
    United States. Federal Emergency Management Agency; United States Fire Administration
    Miller, Thomas H. (Professional safety engineer)
  • Selected Annotated Bibliography on Youth and Gang Violence Prevention, Community Team Organizing and Training, and Cultural Awareness Curricula
    United States. Family and Youth Services Bureau
    Development Services Group, Inc.
  • Human Radiation Studies: Remembering the Early Years, Oral History of Merril Eisenbud
    United States. Department of Energy. Office of Human Radiation Experiments
  • Parameter Estimation in Chaotic Systems
    United States. Office of Naval Research
    Hung, Elmer S.
  • Intelligence Implications of the Military Technical Revolution [May 1, 1995]
    Library of Congress. Congressional Research Service
    Best, Richard A.
  • United States Code: Title 47, Chapter 5, Subchapter III, Part I, Sec. 308. - Requirements for License
    United States. Government Printing Office
  • Guide for Implementing the Comprehensive Strategy for Serious, Violent, and Chronic Juvenile Offenders
    United States. Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
    Krisberg, Barry; Hawkins, J. David; Catalano, Richard F.
  • Operations Other Than War: A Selected Bibliography
    Army War College (U.S.)
    Shope, Virginia C.
  • Impact of the NBC Clothing Ensemble on Respiratory Function and Capacities During Rest and Exercise
    U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine
    Muza, Stephen R.; Banderet, Lou; Forte, Vincent A.
  • Command Arrangements for Peace Operations
    Command and Control Research Program (U.S.)
    Alberts, David S. (David Stephen), 1942-; Hayes, Richard E.
  • Radioactive Waste: Status of Commercial Low-Level Waste Facilities, Report to Congressional Requesters
    United States. Government Accountability Office
  • Profile Series China: Family Planning Policy and Practice in the People's Republic of China
    United States. Immigration and Naturalization Service; INS Resource Information Center
  • Toxicology Terrorism: Nerve Gas Technology Use
    National Institutes of Health (U.S.)
    Hook, Gary E. R
  • Report on Activities and Programs for Countering Proliferation, 1995
    United States. Counterproliferation Program Review Committee
  • Radical Responses to Radical Regimes: Evaluating Preemptive Counter-Proliferation
    National Defense University. Institute for National Strategic Studies
    Schneider, Barry R.
  • Research Paper: Immigrant Quality and Assimilation: A Review of the Literature
    U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform
    Schultz, T. Paul
  • Mission Need Statement (MNS) for Global Command and Control System (GCCS)
    United States. Department of Defense. Office of the Secretary of Defense
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