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  • Fumigant Marking Requirements
    United States. Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration
  • Critical Facilities Flood Exposure Tool
    Coastal Services Center (U.S.)
  • Open Source Information and Your Facility's Security Countermeasures Plan
    Defense Treaty Inspection Readiness Program (U.S.)
  • Creation of the Intelligence Community: Founding Documents
    United States. Central Intelligence Agency
  • Public Diplomacy: Strengthening U.S. Engagement with the World [presentation]
    United States. Office of the Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs
  • CERT Liability Guide: A Risk Management Overview for Local CERT Programs
    United States. Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • International Transport Forum [website]
    International Transport Forum
  • International Centre for Counter‐Terrorism (ICCT) - The Hague [website]
    International Centre for Counter-Terrorism
  • United States Courts: Glossary
    United States. Administrative Office of the United States Courts
  • Council of State Governments: Justice Center [website]
    Justice Center (Council of State Governments)
  • World Military Expenditures and Arms Transfers 2005
    United States. Department of State
  • [Transcript of 9/11 FAA and NORAD Recordings]
    United States. Federal Aviation Administration; North American Aerospace Defense Command
  • Homeland Security Grant Program [website]
    United States. Federal Emergency Management Agency; United States. Department of Homeland Security
  • Infrastructure Information Management at DHS
    United States. Department of Homeland Security
    Clements, Mike
  • Berkeley Earth [website]
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers National Levee Database [website]
    United States. Army. Corps of Engineers
  • UNODC Human Trafficking Knowledge Portal [website]
    United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
  • Inter-Tribal Long Term Recovery Foundation [website]
    Inter-Tribal Long Term Recovery Foundation
  • PAGER - Prompt Assessment of Global Earthquakes for Response [website]
    Geological Survey (U.S.)
  • C-SPAN Video Library [website]
    C-SPAN (Television network)
  • Guidelines for Access, Retention, Use, and Dissemination by the National Counterterrorism Center and Other Agencies of Information in Datasets Containing Non-Terrorism Information
    United States. Office of the Director of National Intelligence; United States. Department of Justice
  • Unabomber
    United States. Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Presidential Policy Directive/PPD-8: Working Draft-National Prevention Framework, Review Package
    United States. Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • Infrastructure Modernization Initiative: Homeland Security Implications and Challenges [March 16-17, 2009] [HSDL holdings]
    Naval Postgraduate School (U.S.). Center for Homeland Defense and Security
  • Silent Warriors the Naval Security Group Reserve, 1945-2005
    United States. National Security Agency
    Schindler, John R.
  • Central Intelligence Agency: The Work of a Nation, the Center of Intelligence
    United States. Central Intelligence Agency
  • National Institute for Cybersecurity Education [website]
    National Institute of Standards and Technology (U.S.)
  • Responsible Communication of Life Sciences Research with Dual Use Potential: A Set of Communication Tools Excerpted from the NSABB's Proposed Framework for the Oversight of Dual Use Life Sciences Research
    National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity (U.S.)
  • OSHA Quick Card: Fire Watch Safety During Hot Work in Shipyards
    United States. Occupational Safety and Health Administration
  • Fire Protection Research Foundation [website]
    Fire Protection Research Foundation
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