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  • Updated Assessment on COVID-19 Origins
    United States. Office of the Director of National Intelligence; National Intelligence Council (U.S.)
  • Three New Estimates of India's All-Cause Excess Mortality During the COVID-19 Pandemic
    Center for Global Development
    Anand, Abhishek; Sandefur, Justin; Subramanian, Arvind
  • Driving Digital Acceleration: The 2021 State CIO Survey
    National Association of State Chief Information Officers; Grant Thornton; Computing Technology Industry Association
  • Assessing Underlying State Conditions and Ramp-Up Challenges for the COVID-19 Response
    Commonwealth Fund
    Baumgartner, Jesse C.; Radley, David C.; Collins, Sarah R. . . .
  • US Emergency Food Aid Programs: In the Current COVID-19 Global Environment, Commonsense Reforms Are Overdue
    American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research
    Barrett, Christopher B. (Christopher Brendan); Smith, Vincent H.
  • Ecology and Economics for Pandemic Prevention: Investments to Prevent Tropical Deforestation and to Limit Wildlife Trade Will Protect Against Future Zoonosis Outbreaks
    American Association for the Advancement of Science
    Dobson, Andrew P.; Pimm, Stuart L. (Stuart Leonard); Hannah, Lee Jay . . .
  • Health and Health Care Experiences of Hispanic Adults
    Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation
    Artiga, Samantha; Hamel, Liz; Kearney, Audrey . . .
  • IMF's Growth Forecasts for Poor Countries Don't Match Its COVID Narrative
    Center for Global Development
    Sandefur, Justin; Subramanian, Arvind
  • Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): Impact in Africa [Updated August 4, 2021]
    Library of Congress. Congressional Research Service
    Arieff, Alexis; Blanchard, Lauren Ploch; Cook, Nicolas . . .
  • Animal Origin of SARS-CoV-2
    American Association for the Advancement of Science
    Lytras, Spyros; Xia, Wei; Hughes, Joseph, 1977- . . .
  • Presidential COVID-19 Health Equity Task Force: Final Report and Recommendations
    Presidential COVID-19 Health Equity Task Force
  • Presidential COVID-19 Health Equity Task Force: Proposed Implementation Plan and Accountability Framework
    Presidential COVID-19 Health Equity Task Force
  • Collateral Damage from COVID
    Reason Foundation
    Arnott, Robert D.; Kalesnik, Vitali; Wu, Lillian
  • State Cross-Agency Collaboration During the COVID-19 Pandemic Response
    National Academy for State Health Policy (U.S.)
    Higgins, Elinor; Cooper, Rebecca
  • Current Responses to Housing Insecurity: A Focus on Vulnerable Residential Renters and Landlords
    Federal Reserve Bank of New York
    Body, Dyvonne; Landau, Rebecca; Reyes, Edison . . .
  • Pandemic, Social Unrest, and Crime in U.S. Cities (September 2021 Update)
    Council on Criminal Justice
    Rosenfeld, Richard; Lopez, Ernesto
  • COVID-19 and World Peace: An Overture to a New Era or Business as Usual?
    Hague Centre for Strategic Studies
    Bolder, Patrick
  • COVID-19: HHS Agencies' Planned Reviews of Vaccine Distribution and Communication Efforts Should Include Stakeholder Perspectives, Report to Congressional Committees
    United States. Government Accountability Office
  • Dose of Dignity: Equitable Vaccination Policies for Incarcerated People and Correctional Staff During the COVID-19 Pandemic
    Southern California Law Review
    Ravid, Itay; Hyatt, Jordan M.; Chanenson, Steven L.
  • COVID-19 Cases and Deaths by Vaccination Status
    Texas. Department of State Health Services; Texas Health and Human Services Commission
  • Research Brief: Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Related Restrictions on Homicide and Property Crime
    United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
  • Dangerous Link Between Social Media, Misinformation, and Vaccination Rates [infographic]
    de Beaumont Foundation
  • How Conspiracists Exploited COVID-19 Science
    Springer Nature (Firm)
    Jamieson, Kathleen Hall
  • Preventing Violence in American Cities with Safer Alcohol Sales: Tools Cities Can Use to Address Increasing Alcohol Use and Violence Since the Onset of COVID-19
  • Operation Warp Speed: The Interagency and Public-Private Collaborations that Drove It [video]
    Council on Strategic Risks
    Parthemore, Christine; Weber, Andy; Hepburn, Matthew J. . . .
  • Assessment of COVID-19-Related Immigration Concerns Among Latinx Immigrants in the US
    JAMA Network
    Galletly, Carol L.; Lechuga, Julia; Dickson-Gomez, Julia, 1969- . . .
  • Lessons Learnt from the COVID-19 Pandemic from a Financial Stability Perspective: Final Report
    Financial Stability Board
  • Reopening California: Seeking Robust, Nondominated COVID-19 Exit Strategies
    PLoS ONE
    Nascimento de Lima, Pedro; Lempert, Robert J.; Vardavas, Raffaele . . .
  • COVID-19 Policy Playbook: Legal Recommendations for a Safer, More Equitable Future
    Public Health Law Watch
    Gable, Lance A.; Levin, Donna E.; Parmet, Wendy E. . . .
  • Women Peace and Security Index 2021/22
    Georgetown University. Institute for Women, Peace and Security; International Peace Research Institute
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