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  • MMWR: Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, May 14, 2021
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (U.S.)
  • Public-Private Solutions to Pandemic Risk: 'Opportunities, Challenges and Trade-Offs'
    International Association for the Study of Insurance Economics
    Schanz, Kai-Uwe
  • 2025 Post-Covid Scenarios: Latin America and the Caribbean
    Atlantic Council of the United States
    Zhang, Pepe; Engelke, Peter O.; Van Velkinburgh, Sara
  • H. Rept. 117-24: Security Screening During COVID-19 Act, Report to Accompany H.R. 1877, Including Cost Estimate of the Congressional Budget Office, April 30, 2021
    United States. Government Publishing Office
  • Essential and Excluded: How the COVID-19 Pandemic is Impacting Immigrant Families
    Center for Popular Democracy
  • Violations of ICE Detention Standards at Pulaski County Jail
    United States. Department of Homeland Security. Office of Inspector General
  • North Carolina's Excluded Communities: COVID-19 Community Impact Survey Findings
    Center for Popular Democracy; Action NC (Organization)
    Corser, Maggie
  • State Plans for Accelerating Student Learning: A Preliminary Analysis
    National Governors' Association; Council of Chief State School Officers
  • Prisons and Penny-Pinching: Finding Budget Savings in the Time of COVID-19
    Texas Public Policy Foundation
    Haugen, Michael
  • MMWR Early Release: Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, May 11, 2021: Demographic and Social Factors Associated with COVID-19 Vaccination Initiation Among Adults Aged ≥65 Years -- United States, December 14, 2020-April 10, 2021
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (U.S.)
  • Traffic Enforcement During the COVID-19 Pandemic
    International Association of Chiefs of Police
  • North America's Shifting Supply Chains: The USMCA, COVID-19, and the U.S.-China Trade War
    James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy. Center for the United States and Mexico
    Gantz, David A.
  • Banking and Financial Infrastructure Continuity: Pandemic Flu, Terrorism, and Other Challenges [May 4, 2009]
    Library of Congress. Congressional Research Service
    Weiss, N. Eric
  • Solidarity During Covid-19 at National, Regional and Global Levels: An Enabler for Improved Global Pandemic Security and Governance
    Finnish Institute of International Affairs (FIIA)
    Aaltola, Mika; Vaakanainen, Karoliina; Ketola, Johanna . . .
  • COVID-19 Restrictions in the US: Wage Vulnerability by Education, Race and Gender
    University of Oxford. Oxford Martin School. Institute for New Economic Thinking
    Gambau, Borja; Palomino, Juan C.; Rodríguez, Juan G. . . .
  • Far from Gone: The Evolution of Extremism in the First 100 Days of the Biden Administration
    International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence
    Argentino, Marc-André; Crawford, Blyth; Keen, Florence . . .
  • Transatlantic Agenda for Homeland Security and Resilience Beyond COVID-19
    Atlantic Council of the United States
    Wieslander, Anna
  • Private Schooling After a Year of COVID-19: How the Private Sector Has Fared and How to Keep it Healthy
    Cato Institute
    McCluskey, Neal P., 1972-
  • How China and Russia Could Join Forces Against the European Union
    Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM)
    Szczudlik, Justyna; Kulesa, Lukasz
  • DATAworks 2021: Empirical Analysis of COVID-19 in the U.S.
    Institute for Defense Analyses
    Heuring, Emily D.
  • U.S. and International Responses to the Global Spread of Avian Flu: Issues for Congress [Updated January 11, 2006]
    Library of Congress. Congressional Research Service
    Chanlett-Avery, Emma; Salaam-Blyther, Tiaji
  • Considerations in the Investigation of Cases and Clusters of COVID-19 [22 October 2020]
    World Health Organization
  • Reopening in the Shadow of COVID-19: Beginning the First Full Coronavirus School Year
    American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research
    Malkus, Nat
  • YouTube Enabling (Maybe Validating) Shadowy Sellers of Medical Masks and Bogus Vaccines
    Digital Citizens Alliance; Coalition for a Safer Web
  • Incidents of Coronavirus-Related Discrimination (March 19 - April 15, 2020)
    Stop AAPI Hate; Chinese for Affirmative Action (Organization); Asian Pacific Policy and Planning Council
    Jeung, Russell, 1962-; Nham, Kai
  • Stop AAPI Hate Youth Report
    Stop AAPI Hate; Chinese for Affirmative Action (Organization); Asian Pacific Policy and Planning Council . . .
    Jeung, Russell, 1962-; Horse, Aggie Yellow; Lau, Anna . . .
  • One in Six Adults in California Immigrant Families Reported Avoiding Public Benefits in 2019
    Urban Institute
    Bernstein, Hamutal; Gonzalez, Dulce; McTarnaghan, Sara . . .
  • Confronting COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy Among Nonelderly Adults: Findings from the December 2020 Well-Being and Basic Needs Survey
    Urban Institute; Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
    Karpman, Michael; Kenney, Genevieve M.; Zuckerman, Stephen . . .
  • Delayed and Forgone Health Care for Nonelderly Adults During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Findings from the September 11-28 Coronavirus Tracking Survey
    Urban Institute; Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
    Gonzalez, Dulce; Karpman, Michael; Kenney, Genevieve M. . . .
  • Immigrant Families Continued Avoiding the Safety Net During the COVID-19 Crisis
    Urban Institute
    Bernstein, Hamutal; Karpman, Michael; Gonzalez, Dulce . . .
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