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  • Coronavirus Misinformation: Quantifying Sources and Themes in the COVID-19 'Infodemic' [October 2020]
    Cornell University
    Evanega, Sarah; Lynas, Mark; Adams, Jordan . . .
  • Shot in the Dark: Researchers Peer Under the Lid of Facebook's 'Black Box,' Uncovering How Its Algorithm Accelerates Anti-Vaccine Content
  • How Facebook Can Flatten the Curve of the Coronavirus Infodemic
  • GIS Science Response to the COVID-19 Outbreak
    Environmental Systems Research Institute (Redlands, Calif.)
  • Exposure to COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy is as Impactful as Vaccine Misinformation in Inducing a Decline in Vaccination Intentions in New Zealand: Results from Pre-Post Between-Groups Randomized Block Experiment
    Frontiers in Communication
    Thaker, Jagadish; Subramanian, Arun
  • Disaster Zone: Blood Donations, Disasters and Covid-19 [audio]
    Disaster Zone
    Holdeman, Eric; Bailey, Curt
  • Does Social Distancing Matter?
    Becker Friedman Institute for Research in Economics
    Greenstone, Michael, 1968-; Nigam, Vishan
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Rumors and Conspiracy Theories: The Need for Cognitive Inoculation Against Misinformation to Improve Vaccine Adherence
    Public Library of Science
    Islam, Md Saiful; Kamal, Abu-Hena Mostofa; Kabir, Alamgir . . .
  • States of Emergency: The Failure of Prison System Responses to COVID-19
    Prison Policy Initiative
    Herring, Tiana; Sharma, Maanas
  • Promoting Women's Economic Empowerment in the COVID-19 Context
    Center for Global Development
    O'Donnell, Megan; Buvinić, Mayra; Kenny, Charles . . .
  • More Community, Less Confinement: A State-By-State Analysis on How Supervision Violations Impacted Prison Populations During the Pandemic
    Justice Center (Council of State Governments)
  • Ready to Respond: Mental Health Beyond Crisis and COVID-19
    National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors
    Pinals, Debra A.
  • Crisis Standards of Care and COVID-19: What Did We Learn? How Do We Ensure Equity? What Should We Do?
    National Academy of Medicine
    Hick, John L.; Hanfling, Dan; Wynia, Matthew K. . . .
  • Ethical Framework for Transitions Between Conventional, Contingency, and Crisis Conditions in Pervasive or Catastrophic Public Health Events with Medical Surge Implications
    Minnesota. Department of Health
  • COVID States Project: A 50-State COVID-19 Survey Report #61: Parental Concerns About COVID-19 Vaccines
    Northeastern University (Boston, Mass.); Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics, and Public Policy; Harvard Medical School . . .
    Pippert, Caroline; Lin, Jennifer; Lazer, David . . .
  • Disaster Zone: Intersection of COVID-19 and the Annual Flu [audio]
    Disaster Zone
    Holdeman, Eric; Duchin, Jeffrey S.
  • CovidCheck: Assessing the Implementation of EU Code of Practice on Disinformation in Relation to COVID-19
    DCU Institute for Future Media, Democracy and Society (FuJo); Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI)
    Culloty, Eileen; Park, Kirsty; Feenane, Trudy . . .
  • In the COVID-19 Era: An Urgent Need for Change Evidence Review of the Global Childcare Crisis and the Road for Post-COVID-19 Recovery and Resilience
    International Development Research Centre (Canada); Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Growth and Economic Opportunities for Women . . .
    Grantham, Kate E.; Rouhani, Leva; Gupta, Neelanjana . . .
  • Addressing COVID-19 Vaccination Equity and Recovery Among the Hispanic/Latino Population in the Southern California Border Region: San Diego, California
    CommuniVax; San Diego State University
    Crespo, Noe C.; Sobo, Elisa Janine, 1963-
  • From Equitable Crisis Response to Healthy Populace: CommuniVax Alabama - Final Local Report
    CommuniVax; University of Alabama
    McClure, Stephanie M.; Lichtenstein, Bronwen; Oths, Kathryn S., 1959- . . .
  • Vaccine Access and Acceptability Among the Hispanic Population in Rural Southeast Idaho
    CommuniVax; Idaho State University
    Cartwright, Elizabeth, 1959-; Schow, Diana; Bassett, Tamra . . .
  • Carrying Equity in COVID-19 Vaccination Forward: Guidance Informed by Communities of Color
    Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Center for Health Security; Texas State University. Department of Anthropology; CommuniVax
    Brunson, Emily K.; Schoch-Spana, Monica; Carnes, Mary . . .
  • Effects of COVID-19 on Children, Youth and Families Across Populations
    National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors
    Rogers, Kenneth M.; Johnson, Louise; O'Neal, Jayla
  • Disaster Behavioral Health Through the Lens of COVID-19
    National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors
    Pinals, Debra A.; Stephenson, Arlene Hahn
  • Technology's Acceleration in Behavioral Health: COVID, 988, Social Media, Treatment and More
    National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors
    Phillippi, Stephen; Bumbarger, Brian
  • Mental Health System Development in Rural and Remote Areas During COVID-19
    National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors
    DeVoursney, David; Arienti, Francine; Martone, Kevin
  • Suicide Prevention and 988: Before, During and After COVID-19
    National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors
    Gould, Madelyn Schwartz, 1951-; Lake, Alison M.
  • Prince George's County Local Report: CommuniVax Coalition
    CommuniVax; Maryland Center for Health Equity
    Thomas, Stephen B. (Stephen Bernard), 1953-; Quinn, Sandra C. (Sandra Crouse)
  • COVID-19 Response Policies and the Care Economy: Mapping Economic and Social Policies in the ECE Region
    United Nations. Economic Commission for Europe
  • Examining the COVID-19 Response in Native Communities: Native Education Systems One Year Later, Hearing Before the Committee on Indian Affairs, United States Senate, One Hundred Seventeenth Congress, First Session, April 28, 2021
    United States. Government Publishing Office
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