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  • Capitalising on Crises: How VRWEs Exploit the COVID-19 Pandemic and Lessons for P/CVE
    European Commission; RAN Centre of Excellence
    Mareš, Miroslav, 1974-
  • Emergency Relief Funds: Significant Improvements Are Needed to Ensure Transparency and Accountability for COVID-19 and Beyond, Statement of Gene L. Dodaro, Comptroller General of the United States, Testimony Before the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, United States Senate
    United States. Government Accountability Office
    Dodaro, Gene L.
  • Management Advisory Regarding Results from Research for Future Audits and Evaluations Related to the Effects of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus on DoD Operations
    United States. Department of Defense. Office of the Inspector General
  • Indian Health Service Use of Critical Care Response Teams Has Helped to Meet Facility Needs During the COVID-19 Pandemic
    United States. Department of Health and Human Services. Office of Inspector General
    Murrin, Suzanne
  • Small Business Administration Paycheck Protection Program Phase III Fraud Controls
    Pandemic Response Accountability Committee
  • Evaluation of SBA's Coronavirus Reconstitution Plan
    United States. Small Business Administration. Office of the Inspector General
  • SBA's Oversight of the Grant Recipient's Implementation of the Cares Act Resource Partners Training Portal
    United States. Small Business Administration. Office of the Inspector General
  • Coronavirus State & Local Fiscal Recovery Funds: Overview of the Final Rule
    United States. Department of the Treasury
  • Review of State Plans for Use of Governor's Emergency Education Relief Funds
    United States. Department of Education. Office of Inspector General
  • Misinformation of COVID-19 on the Internet: Infodemiology Study
    JMIR Publications
    Cuan-Baltazar, Jose Yunam; Muñoz-Perez, Maria José; Robledo-Vega, Carolina . . .
  • Global Preparedness Against COVID-19: We Must Leverage the Power of Digital Health
    JMIR Publications
    Mahmood, Sultan; Hasan, Khaled; Carras, Michelle Colder . . .
  • Dentists' Awareness, Perception, and Attitude Regarding COVID-19 and Infection Control: Cross-Sectional Study Among Jordanian Dentists
    JMIR Publications
    Khader, Yousef Saleh; Al-Nsour, Mohannad; Bashier, Haitham . . .
  • Mobile Health Platform to Disseminate Validated Institutional Measurements During the COVID-19 Outbreak: Utilization-Focused Evaluation Study
    JMIR Publications
    Zamberg, Ido; Manzano, Sergio; Posfay-Barbe, Klara . . .
  • Interpreting COVID-19 and Virtual Care Trends: Cohort Study
    JMIR Publications
    Khairat, Saif; Meng, Chenlu; Xu, Yuxuan . . .
  • Predicting COVID-19 Incidence Through Analysis of Google Trends Data in Iran: Data Mining and Deep Learning Pilot Study
    JMIR Publications
    Ayyoubzadeh, Seyed Mohammad; Ayyoubzadeh, Seyed Mehdi; Zahedi, Hoda . . .
  • Using Open-Source Intelligence to Detect Early Signals of COVID-19 in China: Descriptive Study
    JMIR Publications
    Kpozehouen, Elizabeth Benedict; Chen, Xin (Jessie); Zhu, Mengyao . . .
  • Global Telemedicine Implementation and Integration Within Health Systems to Fight the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Call to Action
    JMIR Publications
    Ohannessian, Robin; Duong, Tu Anh; Odone, Anna
  • Delivering Benefits at Speed Through Real-World Repurposing of Off-Patent Drugs: The COVID-19 Pandemic as a Case in Point
    JMIR Publications
    Rogosnitzky, Moshe; Berkowitz, Esther; Jadad, Alejandro R.
  • Regulation and Trust: 3-Month Follow-Up Study on COVID-19 Mortality in 25 European Countries
    JMIR Publications
    Oksanen, Atte; Kaakinen, Markus; Latikka, Rita . . .
  • Mathematical Modelling to Assess the Impact of Lockdown on COVID-19 Transmission in India: Model Development and Validation
    JMIR Publications
    Ambikapathy, Bakiya; Krishnamurthy, Kamalanand
  • Knowledge and Perceptions of COVID-19 Among Health Care Workers: Cross-Sectional Study
    JMIR Publications
    Bhagavathula, Akshaya Srikanth; Aldhaleei, Wafa Ali; Rahmani, Jamal . . .
  • Preparation for Quarantine on the Cruise Ship Diamond Princess in Japan Due to COVID-19
    JMIR Publications
    Yamahata, Yoshihiro; Shibata, Ayako
  • Estimation of the Probability of Reinfection with COVID-19 by the Susceptible-Exposed-Infectious-Removed-Undetectable-Susceptible Model
    JMIR Publications
    Okhuese, Alexander Victor
  • Turning the Crisis into an Opportunity: Digital Health Strategies Deployed During the COVID-19 Outbreak
    JMIR Publications
    Sust, Pol Pérez; Solans, Oscar; Fajardo, Joan Carles . . .
  • Emergency Response to COVID-19 in Canada: Platform Development and Implementation for eHealth in Crisis Management
    JMIR Publications
    Krausz, Michael, MD, PhD, FRCPc; Westenberg, Jean Nicolas; Vigo, Daniel . . .
  • Agile Requirements Engineering and Software Planning for a Digital Health Platform to Engage the Effects of Isolation Caused by Social Distancing: Case Study
    JMIR Publications
    Meinert, Edward; Milne-Ives, Madison; Surodina, Svitlana . . .
  • Data Mining and Content Analysis of the Chinese Social Media Platform Weibo During the Early COVID-19 Outbreak: Retrospective Observational Infoveillance Study
    JMIR Publications
    Li, Jiawei; Purushothaman, Vidya; Mackey, Tim Ken . . .
  • Correlations of Online Search Engine Trends with Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Incidence: Infodemiology Study
    JMIR Publications
    Higgins, Thomas; Wu, Arthur; Illing, Elisa . . .
  • Considerations for Postacute Rehabilitation for Survivors of COVID-19
    JMIR Publications
    Sheehy, Lisa Mary
  • Knowledge and Behaviors Toward COVID-19 Among US Residents During the Early Days of the Pandemic: Cross-Sectional Online Questionnaire
    JMIR Publications
    Clements, John M.
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