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  • Introduction to Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs)
    Great Britain. Serious Organised Crime Agency
  • Decontamination of Vehicles & Equipment Used for Transportation of Potential Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) Patients or Related Equipment
    U.S. Army Public Health Command
  • Public Information and Risk Communication for Pandemic Influenza
    Colorado. Department of Public Health and Environment
    Beiser, Barbara J.
  • Nevada Health Division: Pandemic Flu
    Nevada. Health Division
  • Pandemic Response Resilience Workshop [presentation]
    University of Nebraska Medical Center
    Cates, David
  • Pandemic Response Resilience Workshop [audio]
    University of Nebraska Medical Center
    Cates, David
  • Harvard Kennedy School Library & Knowledge Services Think Tank Search [website]
    Harvard Kennedy School Library & Knowledge Services
  • Ovid [website]
    Wolters Kluwer Health
  • Oxford Academic Journals [website]
    Oxford University Press
  • Nextstrain [website]
  • Crossref [webpage]
  • Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) [website]
    University of Washington. Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation
  • Global Initiative on Sharing All Influenza Data [website]
    GISAID (Global Initiative on Sharing All Influenza Data)
  • Alternate Care Site Operations Guide
    Florida. Department of Health
  • HeinOnline Academic [website]
    William S. Hein & Company
  • [website]
    Avi Schiffmann
  • Law360: Coronavirus [website]
  • Outbreak Science Rapid PREreview [website]
    Outbreak Science Rapid PREreview
  • All-Hazards Preparedness for Rural Communities: A Guide to Help Rural Agriculture Communities Prepare for Threats to Their Families, Farms, Animals and Businesses
    Center for Food Security and Public Health
  • Governors Guide to Public Health Preparedness
    National Governors' Association
    Stienstra, Lauren; Zomorrodian, Reza
  • Psychological Coping During a Disease Outbreak: For Families, Friends, Colleagues of Those in Quarantine or Self-Isolation
    Japanese Red Cross Society
  • Addressing Communication Challenges During an Infectious Disease Emergency Response: State Experiences from the H1N1 Pandemic
    Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (U.S.)
  • Guidance Document: SARS CoV-2
    American Association for Respiratory Care
    Branson, Richard D.; Hess, Dean; Kallet, Richard H . . .
  • Clinical Issues and Guidance from the American College of Surgeons [webpage]
    American College of Surgeons
  • Spanish Influenza: A Brief Overview
    Institute for Defense Analyses
  • Make a Plan: Shelter in Place Diagram
    United States. Department of Homeland Security
  • LLIS Proven Practice: Training: Business Shelter-in-Place Video
    Lessons Learned Information Sharing (LLIS)
  • Shelter-in-Place... If You Can't Evacuate
    Rancho Santa Fe (Calif.). Fire Protection District
  • High Consequence Infectious Disease (HCID) Toolbox for Frontline Health Care Facilities [website]
    Minnesota. Department of Health
  • Pandemic Preparedness and Response in Fragile, Conflict and Violence (FCV) Situations
    World Bank Group
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