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  • Pandemic Flu and Medical Biodefense Countermeasure Liability Limitation [February 12, 2010]
    Library of Congress. Congressional Research Service
    Liu, Edward C.
  • Integrating Primary Care Providers into Community Pandemic Influenza Planning: Abbreviated Pandemic Influenza Plan Template for Primary Care Provider Offices: Guidance from Stakeholders [presentation]
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (U.S.); United States. Department of Health and Human Services
  • LLIS Practice Note: Point of Dispensing Operations: Designating a Space for Media Personnel
    Lessons Learned Information Sharing (LLIS)
  • Evacuation vs. Shelter-In-Place: How Will Residents Respond? [presentation]
    Rutgers University
    Carnegie, Jon A.; Deka, Deva
  • Is the Fremont Fire Department Ready for a Pandemic?
    National Fire Academy
    Maize, Ronald
  • Pandemic Influenza Mass Fatality Response Guidance
    Ohio. Department of Health; Ohio Emergency Management Agency
  • WHO Guidelines for Pharmacological Management of Pandemic Influenza A (H1N1) 2009 and other Influenza Viruses: Part II: Review of Evidence
    World Health Organization
  • WHO Guidelines for Pharmacological Management of Pandemic Influenza A (H1N1) 2009 and Other Influenza Viruses: Part I: Recommendations
    World Health Organization
  • Outbreaks of 2009 Pandemic Influenza A (H1N1) Among Long-Term--Care Facility Residents --- Three States, 2009
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (U.S.)
  • Guidance from Pediatric Stakeholders: A Coordinated Approach to Communicating Pediatric-related Information on Pandemic Influenza at the Community Level
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (U.S.)
  • R.E.C.O.N.: Recent Events, Cautions, Outlooks, and Notifications, January 20, 2010
    Indianapolis (Ind.). Department of Public Safety
  • LLIS Practice Note: Point of Dispensing Operations: Yolo County, California, Health Department's Use of Ham Radio Operators
    Lessons Learned Information Sharing (LLIS)
  • SEMP Biot #679: What Did the 2009 Swine Flu Pandemic Response Accomplish?
    Suburban Emergency Management Project (U.S.)
  • Infectious Disease Movement in a Borderless World: Workshop Summary
    National Academies Press (U.S.)
    Relman, David A.; Choffnes, Eileen R.; Mack, Alison
  • Miscellaneous and Processed Products: Regulating the Importation of Miscellaneous and Processed Products Regulated by Plant Protection and Quarantine
    United States. Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
  • Civilian First Responder Decontamination Equipment Characteristics Survey Results
    Edgewood Research, Development, & Engineering Center (U.S.)
    Walther, John D.; Bowen, Shawn; Kooistra, Scott
  • Planning Today for a Pandemic Tomorrow: A Tool for Nursing Facilities
    New Jersey Hospital Association; Hoffman‐LaRoche, Inc.
  • Implementing Ethical Frameworks for Rationing Scarce Health Resources in Minnesota During Severe Influenza Pandemic
    Minnesota. Department of Health
    Vawter, Dorothy E.; Garrett, J. Eline; DeBruin, Debra A. . . .
  • Use of Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) Ventilators in the Pediatric Patient: Instructional Guidelines with Training Scenarios
    Illinois. Department of Public Health; Loyola University of Chicago
  • Risk and Crisis Communications: Best Practices for Government Agencies and Non-Profit Organizations [2010]
    Booz Allen Hamilton
    Tinker, Tim L.; Vaughan, Elaine
  • Avian Aviators Case Study Pandemic Influenza and Policy Development
    Mid-America Regional Public Health Leadership Institute
  • Drive-Thru Point of Dispensing Planning Guide
    National Association of County & City Health Officials (U.S.); Louisville Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness; Florida. Department of Health
    Crow, Arlene; Fekete, Bud
  • Crisis Communications and Social Media: Advantages, Disadvantages and Best Practices
    University of Tennessee, Knoxville
    Holmes, Whitney
  • Summary Report of the Orange County Health Care Agency: Response to Pandemic H1N1 2009 Influenza
    Orange County (Calif.). Health Care Agency
  • Report to the President on Reengineering the Influenza Vaccine Production Enterprise to Meet the Challenges of Pandemic Influenza: Backgrounder
    United States. Executive Office of the President
  • We Heard the Bells: The Influenza of 1918 [video]
    United States. Department of Health and Human Services; Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (U.S.)
  • 2009 H1N1, Pandemic Influenza, and H5N1 Fact Sheet
    United States. Department of State
  • Pandemic Influenza Pediatric Office Plan Template: Product of a Pediatric Healthcare Response to Pandemic H1N1 Influenza Stakeholder Meeting
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (U.S.)
  • [National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza] Implementation Plan Three Year Summary
    United States. Department of Health and Human Services
  • Pandemic Preparedness and Response for Remote First Nations Communities in British Columbia: Action Plan - 2009/2010
    British Columbia
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